Top 10 Trucks of the Future
Top 10 Trucks of the Future

Trucks of the Future

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads (it is likely we will still need roads)! These trucks are set to take the industry by storm in the foreseeable future, with updated features that will be mind blowing and forever change haulage as we know it.
1. Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025
This truck of the future was given a demo that went viral online. With brand new features along with a unique design many were impressed by what they saw, while others felt the unique design and updated technology were just unnecessary. 
2. Freightliner Revolution Innovation Truck
his vehicle is straight out of Tron! it’s undeniable that the truck has many cool features which are in high demand for drivers. With a more spacious cabin which functions as a workplace and can be changed into a bed, the vehicle also has lower fuel consumption when compared to other trucks. The vehicle has a more slick and futuristic look.
3. Audi Self Driving Truck
While this vehicle is still in concept stages Audi plan to develop trucks that are faster, run smoother and become less hazardous for all of their planned HGVs. This concept was another to go viral on the net, which had mixed responses from the public. Many are frustrated by the concept of a self driving truck with no windows, which would just cause danger if there are any errors.

4. Your New Home
This truck is more importantly a mobile home, meaning you can travel around the world and stop wherever you want (within reason) this trailer converts into a mobile home with plenty of space for you and others!

5. Coca-Cola
One truck that is truly timeless, people have been gathering to see this truck nationwide for years and will continue to do the same for years to come. The Coca-Cola truck is a true symbol of the holidays and makes everyone feel festive cheer.

6. Volvo Vision 2020
Volvo unveiled this concept in 2009 set for release in 2020, with plans for a powerful driving databank which would help the driver as well as customers benefit with better control of the vehicle and further safety on the roads. The interior design’s more futuristic approach also allows for more interaction with traffic or other forms of communication while the truck is driving for you. Aerodynamics also ensure the truck is maximising efficiency. The vehicle is still planned to hit the roads in 2020.


7. Logan Autonomous Trucks
Logan is a spin-off of the successful X-Men franchise. Set in the not too distant future (2029), the film focuses on a much older and weaker Wolverine. At one point in the film Logan has to save horses who dart out into the road from autonomous trucks, designed only to carry containers, there isn’t even a cabin for a driver. The vehicles are entirely self-driven and manual vehicles are a rare sight. Is this really what’s in store for us? Only time will tell…

8.  Slurm Truck (Futurama) – Fantasy or reality?   
Slurm is the equivalent to Red Bull in Futurama, with a disturbing secret recipe behind it. Note that the truck has no wheels, it floats in the air like a hover board. Will we ever see technology like this? Probably not in our lifetime. While hovercrafts do exist they currently can’t hold much weight and run out of power quickly. The technology is generations away from being put into action on the roads. If it does it’ll be sometime around the year 3000.

9. The Suntruck
While the suntruck has an updated look it also has sliding doors and some updated technology in the cabin. The vehicle’s concept was developed by designer Gabor Magyari. With narrow air intake and an electrical drive Magyari hopes to maintain the classic Mack design while adding these new features along with giving the vehicle a modern look.

10. Wal-Mart Truck
Wal-Mart has introduced a new truck for delivering goods, much like #9 the vehicle has sliding doors but also makes the sides of the vehicle much easier to view for the driver. It also lowers fuel consumption and is 20% more aerodynamic than a standard HGV. With Wal-Mart’s purchase of Asda it might not be long before we see these vehicles on UK roads delivering Asda goods.

Do you think all these changes are necessary? Is the industry falling behind with technology? Would you buy a truck with a sliding door? Let us know in the comments! 

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