Top 10 Uses for a Truck in a Zombie Apocalypse
Top 10 Uses for a Truck in a Zombie Apocalypse

With The Walking Dead back on the air for its seventh season zombies are all the rage right now. It makes you wonder, if you were in a zombie apocalypse, how would you survive?

Truck drivers have the advantage of a vehicle designed for zombie survival through various methods.


Here are the top 10 uses for a truck during a zombie apocalypse.

1: Supplies

A truck’s original purpose, storage and supplies. Trucks could be used for supply drops for resources like food and medicine for the sickly. Whether the supplies would help with defences for survival or avoid starvation many would benefit from a vehicle with such huge size for storage.

2: Barricade

When up against limitless numbers, a one to one fight isn’t the solution. Instead, you need to block entry into your safe zone. A truck is the perfect block to hold off the hordes from entering a settlement.

3: Mobile Home

Why stay in one place and wait for the apocalypse to come to you? Travel in style, with plenty of room for the family in your trailer. Find some luxury furniture a zombie would no longer have use for and make your guests feel so welcome that it hardly feels like the end of the world at all.

4: Battering Ram

Plough through creatures of the night like snow on a winter’s day, with a vehicle as strong as a HGV and some customization to your hood it’s the perfect trap for the undead with very little chance of survival.

5: Bait

If you were willing to part with your vehicle you could use your lorry as a decoy while you escape a horde, planting explosives to trigger when they enter the vehicle eliminating any threats. This would make escape much easier, although it would have to be on foot.

6: Quick getaway for large groups

Surrounded by zombies with no chance of escape? That’s when your ever reliable lorry driver pulls up, clearing a path for an innocent and lost family looking for salvation. Opening the back trailer and sealing the doors behind you, it makes for a speedy getaway without any risk of losing people on the way. Alternatively if you need to stack people as high as you can so you have a full load of survivors then do it!

7: Hiding

One of the best methods of survival in the apocalypse is simply waiting it out until there are no zombies in the area. Where better to hide than a truck? You can hide on the roof of your trailer, inside the trailer, in your cabin or even under the vehicle. The downside of this is that unless you’re in the cabin escape will be much tougher if you’re caught.

8: Rescues

Rescue operations are a vital part of ensuring humanity survives the apocalypse and lives to fight another century. What better way to carry out rescue operations than in your very own HGV? As well as providing cover support from a trailer, it means you can rescue more survivors than ever before efficiently while holding off the hordes.

9: Research

Looking for a cure? Convert your HGV into a portable lab, meaning you can take blood samples and manage experiments even while on the road. Journeys would be best spent at research facilities trying to find out whatever you can about the apocalypse and what the best step forward would be in an attempt to restore civilization. 

10: Looking badass

If Mad Max proved anything, it’s that trucks are one of the best forms of transportation in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With some adjustments you can turn a standard truck into a wild ride unlike any other. It also makes for a great defence along with looking intimidating to any who would consider causing you harm. As for the zombies, spikes around the vehicle will be more than enough to keep them occupied.

What would you do if you were suddenly stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? 

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