Top 10 worst UK cities for traffic
Top 10 worst UK cities for traffic

Excluding London, these cities are utter chaos to travel through, especially at rush hour! Research taken by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has identified them as the 10 worst cities for traffic. Meaning, if you have any plans to travel to these cities while on deliveries, be sure to consider the best routes to make it on time and not get caught in a jam. Here are some other facts you might not have known about the UK’s busiest cities for traffic!

1. Manchester – Besides London, Manchester has the worst traffic in the UK. The city’s population in 2017 was recorded at 545,500. It is claimed by the public as well as officials to be the second-most important city in the UK. The city’s landmarks range from Victorian to contemporary architecture.
In light of the research, there have been calls from local officials for further investment by the government to support their current spending plans.

2. Liverpool – Located in the North West of England, Liverpool had an estimated population of 491,500 in 2017. The city was home to the shipping company White Star Line, as well as the registry for their RMS Titanic. The popularity of iconic bands like The Beatles lead to increased tourism in the city. Landmarks of Liverpool go back as far as the Tudor period.
Some local residents expressed concerns that the city’s roads aren’t designed to handle the capacity of traffic the city sees on a daily basis.
3. Birmingham – This is the second most populated city in the UK, in 2017 it had an estimated population of around 1,137,100. The Birmingham metropolitan area is the second largest in the UK, as well as the ninth largest in Europe. It’s safe to say the traffic has been influenced by the population’s rise. The rock band Black Sabbath were formed in Birmingham, way back in 1968. The city consists of buildings from the 18th, 19th and 20th century, highlighting the city’s importance during the industrial revolution.
4. Portsmouth/Southampton – Both cities within 19 miles of each other, have a population of around 250,000. In the area, archaeological sites can be traced back to the Stone Age. Southampton is one of the major ports of the UK.
5. Nottingham – Nottingham had an estimated population of 321,550 in 2015. Nottingham is most famously linked to the legend of Robin Hood. Many locations in the city were used for the filming of This Is England, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and The Dark Knight Rises.
6. Leeds – The city became a major centre for the production and trading of wool. With a population of 784,800 estimated in 2017 it’s easy to understand why traffic in the area is some of the busiest in the UK. The city hosts over 200,000 students a year meaning it is one of the UK’s hotspots for nightlife.
If you’re out on the road overnight, it’d be the ideal city to stop in!
7. Bristol – Bristol’s population was estimated at 459,000, with the wider district having the 10th largest population across the country. The Sunday Times named the city as the best city to live in Britain in 2014 and 2017. The city also won the EU’s European Green Capital Award in 2015. The city’s history traces back to the Middle Ages.
8. Brighton – Home to the Royal Pavillion and Brighton Pier, Brighton is a big city for tourism thanks to its rides, arcades, shops and beach. Quadrophenia filmed in the city, as well as The Boat That Rocked. It also acts as host to Brighton Festival, the second largest arts festival in the country. The city’s population was estimated at 288,200 in 2017 research.
Considering the tourism the city brings on a regular basis as well as its residential population, it’s no wonder it made the list!

9. Leicester – One of the oldest cities in the UK, the town has a history that extends at least two millennia. In 2013, a Roman cemetery was found on the outskirts of the city dating back to 300 AD. The city’s current population is 329,839. Leicester is close to one of the primary routes to the northeast/southwest via the M1 motorway.
Due to this, the city’s traffic is often impacted by the rush of the nearby motorway.
10. Bournemouth – Bournemouth is the largest settlement in Dorset, with a total population over 465,000. The city is noted for its world-famous Victorian architecture. There is a direct route to the town centre through the A338, which also connects the A31 close to the Hampshire border. Due to this, many use the route to approach the A31, increasing traffic for the town.
If you are planning to head to one of these cities soon for a delivery, be sure to keep your ears out for traffic updates and plan your route accordingly! Many of these cities hope to receive further investment from the government to improve their roads and combat the increased rate of traffic they handle, but for now the best thing to do as a driver is research the town, look at the routes available to you and choose the best option.

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