Top 12 Christmas Gifts For Truckers
Top 12 Christmas Gifts For Truckers

The Top 12 Christmas Gifts For Truckers

It’s (almost) Christmas! With November drawing to a close and December nearly in full swing, it’s that time of year when we all give in to consumerism and buy overpriced bath sets for distant relatives we see two or three times a year. Do you have a partner, relative or colleague who is a truck driver? Struggling to find something for them for the big day? Then you’ve come to the right place as we look at the best gifts for all the hardworking truck drivers out there! True to the season, these are the 12 gifts of

#1: Sovos 7 inch Digital TV with USB
Does the driver often get bored when they park up for the night and struggle to find things to do? With this portable TV featuring a USB port they can download their favourite shows and movies onto a USB and watch as much as they like while resting for the night in their cabin. This would be a great gift to make the long journeys a little bit easier.

Price: £99.99 available at Maplin


#2: Electric blanket
Winter is coming, make sure the driver is prepared with an electrical, self-warming blanket. As we all know from experience sometimes your vehicle’s heating just doesn’t do the job. Nothing is worse than being freezing cold in a small cabin. An electrical blanket would help them through the cold temperatures during shifts.

Price: £20-£50 a large range available at Amazon


#3: Thermos Flask
Need a solution for a coffee addict who can’t get his fix? The Thermos Flask is designed to keep warm drinks heated for a long period of time. Meaning much less freezing cold coffee to force down and something useful to keep your hands warm with. It’s great for any warm drink meaning the possibilities are endless.

Price: £15-£20 complete range at Amazon


#4: LED Board lights
What a way to brighten up the place! Board lights mean your driver’s cab will no longer be pitch black aside from the dim inside light provided by the vehicle. You can get a range of lights to suit the vehicle and to the driver’s taste. You could pick up a neon light they can latch onto the back of their cab, or a cool lava lamp to add some style to the HGV. The important thing is to pick something you know the driver will love!

Price: £20-£50 Available at JD Logos


#5: Bobbleheads
What driver doesn’t love a bobblehead? Whether it’s Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, a Hula girl or a Looney Tunes character every driver needs a bobblehead to personalize their cabin. Adding some personality to a lorry goes a long way!

Price: £7-£15 Large choice on Amazon


#6: Bluetooth earpiece
A Bluetooth earpiece has become a very useful tool, meaning you can eat your lunch during break without the need to hold a phone while on calls. With technology improving every year the more recent the device the better the sound quality will be!

Price: £10-£30 view the best bluetooth earpieces at TechRadar


#7: CDs
Sometimes the radio is just too repetitive! Nothing beats a CD of your favourite music. Whether it’s Ed Sheeran, AC/DC or Britney Spears drivers enjoy journeys a lot more when they can sing their way home to their favourite tracks. You could also buy a Spotify voucher, but nothing beats physically owning the CD!

Price: £5-£10 loads of CDs going cheap on ebay

#8: Air fresheners
Sometimes shifts can be exhausting, you spend a long time in such a small amount of space with no form of ventilation other than air conditioning and having your window wide open, which isn’t ideal this time of year. This can lead to a scent in your cabin the transport managers might not appreciate. With that in mind an air freshener could be an ideal gift, even as a practical joke. Nothing beats the smell of pine tree or mulled wine this time of year!

Price: £1-£5 Check out Zazzle for some unique air fresheners


#9: Kindle
This is one for the bookworms: if you’re the kind of person to take a lot of reading material with you on shifts you may find your dashboard covered in magazines or books, to the point it becomes more of a hazard than it helps. The Kindle is the ideal solution to this, with huge storage and a wide range of books and magazines to choose from for all of your reading needs this device has proven to be the best way to digitally read all of your favourites. If you’re not one for all of this technology then our next product might help with reading physical copies.

Price: £29-£100 Kindle Fire now £29.99 on Amazon


#10: LED clip light
If you stay up until 2AM reading instead of resting as you should be after a long journey, this light clips onto the pages of your magazine/book and shines a light on the whole page making it much easier to have a good read, even in the dark! These lights can also be used on a kindle or any other device which means less squinting to read a single word and more pages a night.

Price: £2-£13 A great one at Argos for £12.99


#11: Comfortable slippers
Truckers don’t want to constantly be wearing boots in their cabin, but at the same time the surface can become freezing cold which isn’t ideal to be stepping on barefoot. Some nice slippers would be great to use when moving around the cabin, even if it’s just to reach for a drink or sit up for a while. You could even get a pair with lorries on them!

Price: £5-£15 Check out these unique slippers at Monster

#12: A year’s subscription of
With a year’s subscription to the UK’s leading freight exchange the driver will have access to over 90,000 loads a month all across the country. They can set notifications for loads, gain access to a great network of haulage operators, owner drivers and freight forwarders and build up their company profile to show others what they have to offer unlike anywhere else. isn’t just for Christmas, drivers who use are constantly making increased profit for their business, whereas in any other case they would be on a return journey with an empty trailer. It really is a worthy investment if you need more haulage work to support your company.

Price: £439.45 Per annum


So there it is! The 12 gifts of, but there is one more thing. From all of us at the team we hope you have a wonderful holiday, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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