Top 12 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Trucks
Top 12 Ways to Stay Cool in Your Trucks

Top 12 ways to stay cool in your truck

With the 19th of July being the hottest day of the year we can officially say we’re in the full swing of summer! Which isn’t necessarily a good thing if you’ve been travelling a long journey on the road. Concentration in the heat is much more difficult, especially if you start to feel dehydrated. Here are some tips to stay cool and turn your truck from an oven into a freezer!
1. Wear shorts, but ask permission first! - A particular driver was sent home from work and refused a day’s pay because he turned up ready for work in shorts. If you plan on wearing shorts to stay cool check it’s ok your management beforehand. Short sleeved shirts or T-shirts would also help if permitted.

2. Air conditioning on full blast – If you’re fortunate enough to have a functioning air conditioning unit turn that beauty to full blast and in no time at all your truck will be as warm as Alaska in December.

3. Wear a hat – Whether it’s the iconic trucker cap, a stetson or fedora hats help keep the rays from the sun away from your head as well as block sunlight from your vision. Not only keeping your head cool so you can concentrate on the road but also blocking the sun from impairing your sight.

4. Get a mini fridge – One option while parked in a lay-by would be to try to fit your head in the fridge to see how cool it feels, but the better idea would be to fill the fridge with your favourite ice cream for when you need a cooling beverage.

5. Keep drinking – Save the ice cold beer for when you get home from a long drive, but be sure to take bottles of water with you on long journeys and keep them as cold as possible to keep you refreshed and hydrated on the road.

6. Ice packs – You can also freeze water bottles to use as ice packs, placing them somewhere you’ll still be comfortable with in the driver’s seat. Once the water melts and isn’t keeping you as cool you can drink it or use it for #10.

7. Open your window – Nothing will quite cool you down like a fresh breeze from the M25, you just might lose your head with it. If you can stand the wind from travelling at 56 MPH it’s a great way to keep the air in your vehicle fresh and cool without using the air conditioning. It will effect your fuel efficency though so bear that in mind, also best keep your windows closed where near Calais!

8. Bodyspray – If you start to feel overly hot and start sweating use a bodyspray like Lynx to quickly cool yourself down as well as freshen your scent.

9. Drive with flip flops (if permitted) – shoes and trainers aren’t ideal to wear in the heat, as it can make your feet sweat more than they would with other forms of footwear. Flip flops would help give a lot more ventilation to your feet. Just don’t wear socks with them!

10. Wet rags - You can also place wet rags on vents in the vehicle to keep the air cool, the only issue is they don’t stay wet for long and would need to be soaked again at your next stop. You could potentially use the frozen water that was used as an ice pack once it melts.

11. Sunglasses – What could be cooler than looking like a Blues Brother while you’re driving your truck? Much like hats, sunglasses help block rays from the sun which make you feel hotter as well as helping with your sight while driving. They don’t have to be a pair of Ray Bans, a nice pair from QD will do.

12. Sun lotion – Your partner might have to put it on your back… lotion helps avoid sunburn and keeps you cool when applied on a daily basis. When unloading your trailer you could very easily catch sunburn, lotion would help avoid this as well as keeping you refreshed. It also keeps your skin healthy if you care about self-preservation.  


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