Top 3 Trucking Movies
Top 3 Trucking Movies

trucking movies

Top 3 Trucking Movies

It's Friday, Weekend is almost here and most importantly it's almost time to put our feet up and relax!
Now being a driver can be a pretty strenuous job at times, so there is nothing better than chilling out with a nice drink and watching a Movie. So we here at have put together our Top 3 Trucker Movies, Check them out!
1. Maximum Overdrive
Truck movies

After a comet closely passes earth, a bunch of Trucks and other inanimate objects come to life and go on a rampage in a small American town. This 1986 classic was the only time Horror writer Stephen King has gotten behind the camera and Directed, The over the top violence and less than average acting, including Emilio Estevez was probably the reason he never returned. But all in all, Maximum Overdrive is a highly entertaining flick!
2.  Big Trouble in Little China

The best truck movies

Kurt Russell stars as Truck Driver Jack Burton in another 80's Classic "Big Trouble in Little China" who gets dragged in to a mystical adventure in ChinaTown after trying to help a woman out at the Airport. Although a commercial flop at the time, This film has gone on to be one of the most loved 80's action movies of all time!

3. Duel

Duel best trucking film ever

Steven Spielberg's Debut motion picture from 1971 tells the story of a Man travelling cross-country for business who falls victim to the harrasment of a malevolent truck driver after he cuts him up on the Freeway. Cheesy 70's fun action ensues, guaranteed to gain a few laughs! 

So what is your favourite Trucking Movie? Is yours not on our list? why not let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @returnloads

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  • Shade, 21/07/2016

    What about Over the top with Sly? Classic

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  • sarah, 09/01/2015

    what bout convoy. carn't get move trucking in my book

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  • Stacy Keach, 09/01/2015

    What about Road Games? Great trucking movie

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