Top 8 Trucking Games
Top 8 Trucking Games


Top 8 Trucking Games

Many people won’t ever get to experience the thrill of life behind the wheel of a truck, the closest some ever get is to sit in the driving seat at some trucking festival as a kid. But thanks to the power of video games there is a whole new way to experience life in the cab of a truck. Here is our pick of the Top 8 must play trucking video games available today.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 – PC
This game sets a new bar when it comes to truck simulators, it is brilliant! It gives the feeling of a completely opened world that’s ready for you to explore in your highly detailed truck. You can start off by hauling loads for others and then earn enough money to buy your own fleet of vehicles and keep more of those profits for yourself. Not only is this a new level of truck simulator it also has a pretty impressive business management simulator built into it where you can play as a haulage company director and grow your business into a leading name in the industry with trucks all across Europe. I have to admit this game surprised me it is as close to the real thing as you can get and it is highly addictive whenever you think you are going to turn it off you always end up taking just one more haulage job.

Rig ‘n’ Roll – PC
Don’t look at Rig ‘n’ Roll as a full simulator and you won’t be disappointed. This truck-themed arcade style game is awesome. This isn’t a game without flaws with the physics and handling geared more towards racing than driving but it is just great fun. Go up against other drivers to race cargo across the country to the delivery point, don’t drive too fast mind as you will attract the attention of the police. This game offers an authentic look with an amazing map which is HUGE, fully upgradable truck and a detailed diagnostics system which includes brake pads getting warn, panels getting dented and the engine running bad. All in all as long as you don’t look at the game as a sim you can forgive its short comings. Go for a scenic drive or race your competitors.

Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel – PC
Bid on jobs then hit the tarmac to deliver your load quicker than your competition. This fun packed trucking game gives you the option of 18 different trucks including flatbeds and tankers. A realistic trucking game that handles well and is equipped with its own jukebox so you can listen to your own music whilst on the virtual road. It takes some real skill to successfully back your trailer up to the loading dock but once mastered you will be reaching every delivery deadline, well that’s if you don’t get pulled over for speeding or miscalculate your fuel intake. In summary this is a great trucking game which is visually spectacular and puts you face to face with the issues that truck drivers face every day when trying to reach a deadline.

The King of Route 66 – PS2
This trucking arcade game is hilariously presented, it is an over the top interpretation of the USA truck driver scene compiled by the Japanese. This isn’t a very ‘realistic’ take on the trucking industry and this is also evident in the controls. It is a case of gas, nitro, and repeat. Although it isn’t an accurate portrayal of the trucking industry it is definitely worth a crack if you’re not too fused about the realism. With plenty of levels, AI opponents and truck upgrades ‘The King of Route 66’ will have you coming back for more. Truck loads of insanity went into the making of this game that’s for sure.

Cross Country USA – text based 
Now this title will take you back to a time when cassettes and VHS were the in technology and skateboards and roller skates were enough to keep the kids entertained. 1985, yes in 1985 you could play video games. This was one of the first video games to take trucking seriously. The game had players picking up products from one destination before delivering them to another part of the country. This game was entirely ‘text’ based and it followed ‘text’ based instructions, I think I have probably lost the attention of anyone under the age of 40. If you don’t know what ‘text’ based gaming was then check it out as that’s how we use to roll.
Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing - PC 
If you love trucks and you love racing then you will love this game. Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing gives you a truck load of speed and excitement. There are 8 carefully recreated Mercs for you to choose from to race around Europe. The race circuits are also very well recreated giving you an authentic truck racing experience from some of Europe’s top tracks. The only really downside to this game is that you can only drive Mercs, but if you can see past that then you are in for a thrill. There is also a multi-player mode where you can challenge your mates to an extreme truck race and leave them behind in a cloud of dust.
Big Rig: Over the Road Racing – PC 
Now this title is the ‘Marmite’ of all trucking games you are either going to love it or hate it, but play it you must! The haters of this game REALLY hate the game and not just a few little things but the whole game. The physics are terrible players can literally drive through trees and buildings without making any damage. The graphics are dodgy at best. Some say this is the worst trucking game of all time ever. On the other side of the fence are the ‘Big Rig Believers’ who absolutely adore the game. Yes the game can be a bit difficult to start with and the learning curve is steep but once you have mastered the controls you see a whole different side to the game. In summary this game needs to be played to be believed, either love it or hate it one thing is for sure, it will change your life.
Big_Rigs_best trucking games
Big Mutha Truckers – PS2
Big Mutha Truckers is a fun and refreshing title. You start out the game by big momma giving you a truck and some goods to sell (what a generous lady) which she guides you to another city to sell them for a good price. Then it’s back in to the driver’s seat and off you go in your 18 wheeler truck. Handling your truck can take some getting used to as it is a little tricky at first. There is no set route to travel between each city so you are free to roam the open road as you please, but keep an eye on your fuel and damage meters. Buy goods, sell goods, refuel and repair your truck at each city and off you go again. Careless driving results in police chases where if your not fast enough you will get arrested and spend the night in the cells. This game is great fun to play and has a unique and original look to it. Definitely one worth playing, there is a sequel ‘Big Mutha Truckers 2’ but this should be avoided at all costs.

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