Top Tips - Making the most out of
Top Tips - Making the most out of

Returnloads - The UK's leading haulage exchange marketplace

Top Tips - Making the most out of

As the UK’s busiest online haulage exchange marketplace, we at are always thinking about our members and how they can get the most out of their membership. As we continue to grow, we would like to take this opportunity to help you take advantage of the current features on the site and help make the day-to-day operation of your business run smoothly.

So here are some tips to follow:-

Returnloads - safer transactions with the business document centre
1.       Upload your Business Documents
One of the questions raised by new members is regularly is “How can I tell if the company I am doing business with has all the necessary documentation?”
Every single member of Returnloads has a “Business Documentation” page on their My Account section, this page allows members to upload their business documents such as Goods in Transit, Liability Insurance, VAT Certificate etc. to their profile. 
Returnloads - become a trusted member by achieving your verified ranking
The benefits of doing this include:-
  • Having a “Verified member” badge positioned next to your company logo when advertising loads and vehicles
  • Send your business documentation to companies direct at the click of a button
  • Increased chances of finding work and making new business relationships
The Business Documents and verification badge are a great addition to ReturnLoads, and proven since its inception a very popular feature amongst members.

Returnloads - see how reliable and efficient your company is with feedback
2.       Feedback & Payment Reviews provides a feedback system where all members are able to rate the performance of the companies and Hauliers once the job has been completed, and 30 days after the job has been completed members are able to leave payment reviews on companies.

returnloads - performance reviews

This feature is a great tool when members are doing their due diligence on who they are considering working with and can see how pleasant the company is to work with and payment terms are met.

Returnloads - industry information
 3.       Industry Info
Not only is it our mission to help you find work and increase revenue, but we also provide an Industry Info page that contains in-depth literature on everything from Starting a haulage company from scratch to a full guide to cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions.
Make sure to stop by the Industry Info page here

Returnloads - Instant load and vehicle notifications straight to your inbox

4.       Load & Vehicle notifications
Using is very easy, you would think searching for available loads and vehicles could not be simpler. Well, have you tried using our vehicle and load notifications? Vehicle and Load notifications allow members to receive instant alerts for new loads and vehicles straight to their email inbox, the moment they are placed on the site!
Email notifications are fully customisable, from selecting a specific County for the “from” and “to”, to selecting anywhere in the UK. Never miss out on a load again!

As the UK's busiest online haulage exchange marketplace, Members have access to over 90,000 available loads every single month, As well as 1,000's of empty vehicles all over the UK.

If you are not already a member of, then why not try us out with our 14 day no-obligation Free Trial HERE, you won't be disappointed!


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