Trucker memes that cure November blues
Trucker memes that cure November blues

#1 Bathroom break


If you’ve been stuck in traffic and get a sudden urge for a trip to the bathroom you’ll relate to this… counting down the seconds until you finally get to your stop and sprint for the toilets. It’s something every truck driver experiences at least once!

#2 ‘Tis the season
This trucker got into the Halloween spirit with this petrifying baby that clings onto the vehicle. Perfect way to spook drivers who dare to overtake him! Just imagine seeing this if it wasn’t Halloween!
#3 Very punny
This is the only reason you need to marry a truck driver. You could also say that they’re happy to go the extra mile…
#4 Gears and gears of hard work
If you’re a Jumanji fan as well as a truck driver, this one’s perfect for you. Referencing Robin Williams’ iconic “What year is it?!?” line from the movie, but in the perspective of a driver who’s got a bit ahead of himself where gears are concerned.
#5 Same old, same old

If you’re a gamer as well as a trucker odds are you can relate to this, maybe you play games like Euro Truck Sim or GTA where you drive a lorry and suddenly virtual reality doesn’t seem so different to your own reality…

#6 Backstage delivery
If you’re a country fan, you’ll know Willie Nelson. Makes for decent trucking music, but imagine If you were moving goods for one of his concerts! It might look a bit like this…
#7 Stacked up
This is taking things a little too far… there’s a car, on a truck, on a truck, on a truck. This might be a means of cutting emissions but it’s not the safest method around!
#8 Give them a wave!
When you were younger you probably did this at least once… or you’d signal a lorry driver to honk their horn. Now you’re on the other side of the fence, how does it feel?
#9 This might give drivers an indication on what to do
Making it crystal-clear to drivers what an indicator actually does has surprisingly never crossed anyone’s mind, it might mean people actually start using their indicators and being aware of when other vehicles are turning… maybe?
#10 Wisdom quotes
The definition of irony can be summed up in this image, they really should’ve checked heights before going through this route!
Have you got some trucker memes? Share them in the comments!

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