Trucks with the Halloween spirit
Trucks with the Halloween spirit

Happy Haulage Halloween! We’ve compiled a set of the spookiest vehicles on the road, carrying the Halloween spirit around all year long. Don’t let them scare you, they’re just your average trucks! Or are they…?
Roaring road rage – If you see this truck in your rear view mirror you might want to move out of the way… in case it eats you inside your car!
This paint job is perfect for American trucks like Peterbilts 
Iconic horror – This truck features some of your favourite characters from classic horrors, as well as the creepy doll. This truck rocks the Halloween feeling all year around for all to see and shiver with fear!
Skeleton crew – This truck is customised with skulls all around. Is it the Grim Reaper’s truck? Or Ghost Rider’s? You decide! With some truly unique features, this truck can be easily admired from all angles.
Unidentified Speeding Object – This truck looks almost like a spaceship ready for take off, but who is the driver? E.T? A Xenomorph? There’s life on other planets, but its much closer to home than we ever imagined!
Scream with fear – This truck has a paintjob of a pale white face screaming on its hood. As well as an electrical surge across the paint. Is this a truck that runs on fear? At least it’s an economical source of fuel.
This truck was used to promote The Walking Dead season 2 at Comic Con back in 2011, the trucks had actors in the back of the lorry acting as zombies in the style of the show…. But where they really acting?
Where are my lorry dragons?!? – Take on Daenerys from Game of Thrones with this unstoppable truck with the paint job of a dragon, push that horsepower to see  if it can really breathe fire… or even fly!
Screaming with speed – This truck is so metal! With flames all around and a screaming skull, the awesome and unique custom paintjob of this vehicle is totally rocktacular!
Game over? – If you’re a fan of campy horror flicks, odds are you’ve seen the Resident Evil movies. Using some techniques from popular movies of the early 2000s like the Matrix, this video game series was also able to establish itself as a successful movie series. Makes for a great truck paint job, too!

  There’s something fishy going on here - While this is a sketch that won’t last on the truck, it’s undeniable that there’s something creepy but also beautiful about it. The well-detailed fish have fallen for the Anglerfish’s trick, with intimidating monster-like detail. The teeth on this fish are particularly spooky.

Whether you’re spending October 31st on the road or locked indoors with all the lights off to avoid trick or treaters, at we hope you have a SPOOK-tacular Halloween!

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