UK Truck Festivals
UK Truck Festivals

Summer is the perfect time to get out and see the world, or at least see a different view than your own cabin. If you love going to truck fairs, there’s plenty to choose from in the UK. All of which have as many trucks as you’d want, as well as entertainment and something for everyone in your family! Here are our favourite truck festivals.

Truck Festival – Otherwise known as the “Godfather of small music festivals” Truck Festival has plenty for drivers with various trucks on site… but the real highlight is who stands on the containers. Many singers and bands perform at the festival. At the most recent festival was George Ezra, Jake Bugg and Ratboy.


Truckfest – Yes, Truckfest is totally different to Truck Festival. With various events all across the UK during the summer period this festival is much more dedicated to trucks. With awesome paints, monster trucks, lorry races as well as guest appearances (most recently the Ice Road Truckers, as well as Dani and Wes from Love Island) there’s plenty for the whole family!

East Coast Truckers – East Coast Truckers is an annual convoy, travelling from Lowerstoft to Great Yarmouth. The charity is aimed towards younger children in need of support, it provides them a fun day out to ride in a truck as well as go to Pleasurewood Hills. All money raised during the convoy goes towards further days out and support for kids.


GB Lorries day – Great British Lorry Day is an event in Lancashire, where the nearby British Commercial Vehicle Museum takes some of their vehicles out on display for all to see. There is also the opportunity to speak with those who worked with the vehicles, who can describe various facts, trivia or explain the ins and outs of a vehicle. This takes place on the 23rd of August.


These are some great festivals to visit before it gets too cold for them! You’ve heard our favourites, now we want to hear yours!

Comment your favourite truck festival!

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