Why should I join Returnloads.net?
Why should I join Returnloads.net?

Returnloads is the leading online freight exchange in the UK. It is a digital hub for finding and exchanging haulage work and courier work, using simple technology to connect people in the industry and help to improve opportunities and efficiency. From self-employed couriers to global haulage firms with large fleets, Returnloads provides opportunities to find work and to help reduce the volume of empty running. With an average of 3,000 active loads, backloads and return loads every day, Returnloads is a thriving community with opportunities for all of those involved in freight. So, why should you join?

  1. A chance to grow your business and reach new customers. Returnloads is now the UK’s leading freight exchange, making thousands of connections every day. There are opportunities to find and sub-contract haulage work and expand your business with this essential resource.
  2. Network further. Joining Returnloads means you will be part of a network of others in the industry you can build mutually beneficial relationships with, from owner drivers to freight forwarders.
  3. Be more efficient. Using Returnloads doesn’t mean spending hours looking for the right jobs or connections. Instead you’ll get an instant alert when a load has been posted on the site that matches what you’re looking for.
  4. Improving the efficiency of your business. It’s difficult to be truly efficient if you’re doing a lot of empty journeys. Returnloads enables you to find back loads and return journeys so that every moment on the road is being efficiently used.
  5. Broaden out your customer base. You’ll be able to use returnloads to access a wide network of haulage operators who are reliable and regularly reviewed. The opportunity to sub-contract across this network means you can expand your business and accommodate the needs of more customers.
  6. Tech to support your business. For example, you’ll be able to use the Returnloads live vehicle tracking facility to see where vehicles in your fleet are at any time.
  7. Optimise the opportunities to boost revenues. There are many opportunities on Returnloads to help your business generate increased profits, including back loads and ongoing transport contracts.
  8. Sophisticated transport management. Returnloads is a versatile platform and simple to integrate with existing transport management and telematics systems so that your entire operation can run seamlessly.
  9. Transparency and reassurance. When you’re part of the Returnloads community you’ll be able to see business documents and feedback for other members and can use these to make decisions about whether or not to go ahead with a job.
  10. Accessibility on the go. When you’re using Returnloads in your business every day it’s easy to access information and updates – you can do this via the website or get everything you need from the app while you’re on the go.
An online freight exchange is an efficient way to ensure that you’re getting the most from your business and to connect with others in the industry who can help you to grow. These are just some of the benefits of joining Returnloads, the leading freight exchange in the UK.

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