Why you should choose climate controlled storage
Why you should choose climate controlled storage

Why use climate controlled storage in a warehouse?

Climate control is the in-and-now of warehousing, many major firms across the world now use it to provide professional storage that leaves their customers satisfied with the quality of service offered, the only question is: why haven’t you got involved in the storage system that’s sweeping the warehousing industry? Here are just some of the benefits:

1. Appeal to a wider range of customers

Why appeal to a single requirement when you can appeal to all of the above and reach out to as many customers as possible? With climate controlled storage, until your warehouse is completely full you’ll be finding plenty of work to warrant any costs, whether you need cool storage for crates of food or regulate the temperature to match a requirement for many customers all at once, you have the control. What’s better than that?
Appeal to more storage customers

2. Protect items in storage

Most items will be safe in any regular storage, but there are some particular items that it becomes a risk. Climate controlled storage guarantees that the following items won’t be damaged for any reason associated with the temperature of the warehouse: Art, delicate fabrics, delicate paper items, electronics, metals, optical discs, vinyl records and wood furniture or instruments. 
Store items safely

3. Efficient and adaptable

You can change the temperature of your whole warehouse, if there are complaints that it is too cold in the winter you can increase the temperature. Too hot? Cool down the warehouse to the point you feel like you’re in the Antarctic!
Adapt to offer various storage solutions

4. All-in-one

If you’re on a limited budget managing a single warehouse yearly, but you’ve always considered purchasing an additional warehouse to match the requirements of others with climate controlled storage there is no need: whatever your need your warehouse to be, this ensures it’s there at the ready. 
All in one storage solutions

5. Store an array of perishables

Whether its food or make-up, some key items, specifically around Q4 when supplies are in higher demand which means stock is easily damaged, misplaced or ruined. Especially if it’s not kept at the appropriate temperature, which can cause frustration for many providers and markets because the last thing companies want is damaged goods due to the quality at which it was stored. This is why climate controlled storage is so beneficial, you’ve done all you can to keep their goods in top shape.
Perishable storage facilities

6. A step into the 21st century

With changes across the industry on a yearly basis it’s always important to keep up with the times, making sure you have the edge on your competitors meaning you’ll be the bandwagon rather than jumping on the bandwagon, proving to be innovative and provide further care for your customer’s items than other competitors.
The future of warehousing

7. Barrier from dust and debris

Are you sick of complaints of dust and debris in the warehouse, another solution of climate controlled storage is that most dusty areas in your average warehouse will be much less likely to collect dust with the air being much clearer and efficient throughout the warehouse. One less thing to check before sending out stock.
Clear and clean warehousing

8. Choose humidity control for even more protection

With humidity control you can combat dampness in the warehouse, which will dodge off-putting smells, or alternatively if your warehouse needs more moisture due to the stock that is another available option for you to control.
Controlled humidity storage

9. Pay a little extra for added peace of mind

Rather than buying another warehouse to fit different requirements with this technology you only need a single warehouse to adapt to various needs and requirements, knowing that you are offering the top quality service available for warehousing.
Controlled humidity storage

10. You’ll increase revenue from the warehouse exchange

Through our warehouse exchange you can further promote your warehouse, reaching out to even more customers than ever before because you can adapt to so many customer’s requirements. Through our warehouse exchange you will be finding stock constantly.
With that said, what are you waiting for? Install climate controlled storage, inform all of your customers what you can offer and reach out to new customers and make more profit than ever before through our warehouse exchange!

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