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TWT operates a diverse fleet of vehicles supplied by a wide range of manufactures to meet the specific needs of its customers. As with every other aspect of the business, the fleet is managed by a team of professionals and controlled with the assistance of industry specialist IT system, which links to the company's transport management software. The vehicles' optimisation is further enhanced by the company's 24 hour workshop facility and emergency breakdown recovery units, which reduce downtime to a minimum and help to achieve TWT's reputation for exceptional on time delivery ratios.

The vehicle fleet varies in size and specification subject to contract customers needs but the following list provides a good indication of the scale of resources available at anytime.

55 x artic units

10 x 26 ton rigids

20 x 18 ton rigids

5 x 7.5 ton rigids

6 x 3.5 ton vans

30 x box van trailers

100 x 45' trailers

12 x 45' Double Deck Trailers

Many of the vehicles are equipped to meet customers' specific needs and have been fitted with additional equipment such as tail lifts, hoists and moving floors.

Number of vehicles: 100

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