HGV maintenance records must be kept up to standard

Published: 19 August 2019

HGV maintenance records must be kept up to standard
The Government are planning on altering the rules and requirements that manage roadworthiness of trucks, giving transport authorities more “teeth” when handling “unscrupulous” operators – one haulage boss confirmed.

The updated change to regulations is set to fall into effect on the 1st of January, 2020.  This would mean drivers need to keep documents regarding vehicle maintenance up to date and ready for inspection.
Vehicles that way more than 3.5 tonnes will need a strict record of any maintenance that takes place, fully updated and accessible for officials. Otherwise, firms could face fines for not properly handling the documentation and maintenance of their own vehicles.

Fines could go as high as £10,000 if it is found that a company has not complied with the terms set forward by the Road Transport Licensing Committee’s latest alterations to the licensing system.

Speaking on the matter, RTLC chairman Brendan O’Friel said: "It will reduce risk, because all operators will have to have a proper maintenance regime, they will have to have regular safety checks for their vehicles, and those things will all have to be recorded”

Chairman at Manx Independent Carriers, Mr Quay, shared his opinion on the matter: “While the regulations will make more paperwork, it will also make sure that operators aren’t being unscrupulous and running unroadworthy vehicles, now there is a consequence if you don’t maintain your vehicle properly.”
The updated regulations are being phased across the country in 2019 – with the law coming fully into force on New Year’s Day 2020.
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