London extends Ultra-Low Emissions Zone

Published: 11 June 2018

London extends Ultra-Low Emissions Zone
London officials have confirmed that the ultra-low emission zone is set to extend up to 18 times wider than originally proposed, which means motorists will be charged an extra £12.50 on a daily basis with no discount offer for London residents.

In 2021, any owners of petrol vehicles that are older than 15 years along with diesel vehicles older than 6 will have to pay the fee for the vehicles to be use across the updated ultra-low emission zone across London. Lorries, vans and other vehicles are included.
London Mayor: Sadiq Khan, confirmed this Friday that the new reaches of the zone are set to cover the inner city entirely between North and South circular roads. The system will be introduced in 2019 and will be replacing T-charges.

TfL later confirmed that citizens of London will not get any form of compensation or discount while living within the zone, meaning the full fee would have to be paid at any point that they use their car from the 2021 deadline onwards.

What this means is that not only those travelling into the city need to pay the fine, but many of those who live in the capital would be charged £12.50 for simple tasks like driving to the shops, or dropping their children to school. The hopes following the plans is that more will consider the use of electrical vehicles, cycling rather than driving or that more will consider using vehicles that fit within the Emissions standards.

The new system is set to be monitored and policed by London’s system of ANPR cameras. Research by City Hall suggests an extra 100,000 cars, 35,000 vans and 3,000 lorries will be affected by the changes and expansions to the zones.

The current ULEZ rules state that anyone living in the zone can register for a discount of 100%, but this is only available for a limited time. All future residents of London will need to pay this cost. After October 25, 2021, if your vehicle doesn’t meet the required standards, be prepared to be charged £12.50 for everyday use of your vehicle from then onwards.
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