Lorry over suggested weight caught crossing Bath bridge

Published: 18 February 2020

Lorry over suggested weight caught crossing Bath bridge
A bridge in Bath was facing a weight restriction of 18-tonnes, despite this the driver continued to cross over it. The driver, along with several others were caught going over the bridge at various points of the day – despite their vehicles being well over the maximum weight mentioned on the bridge restriction.

The Cleveland Bridge had a restriction that began earlier this year while repairs are made to improve the structure’s support. Members of the public including the local council have suggested the weight restriction be made permanent to keep the bridge in good condition for years to come as part of the city’s heritage. 
These concerns have been raised regarding the Grade II listed structure, at which point a petition was launched by councillor Manda Rigby to make the restriction permanent which built up public support to secure the bridge under the updated weight restriction.

Twitter users posted about the updated state of the bridge, reminding lorry drivers “I know the sign is small, but the rules still apply to you.”

The petition has reached a 1,100 mark of signatures. Councillor Neil Butters said the council and police are co-operating to clamp down on truck drivers who decide to cross the bridge despite being over the maximum weight under the current support of the bridge.

A cabinet member of the transport services spoke on the matter: “Along with the police we are carrying out spot checks of HGVs using the bridge and we are also contacting operators of vehicles seen using the bridge that are over the weight limit to remind them of the restriction.”

For many drivers, a better solution could have been to offer an alternative route which would mean less of the road users over the weight restriction would attempt to cross the bridge. However, consideration must be given for the risks that crossing a bridge when over the weight restriction could cause. Not only in regards to the potential damage, but also the risk of life if the bridge is unable to support the weight when over the limit.
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