Traffic Commissioner warns on rented transport managers

Published: 27 March 2013

Richard Turfitt, The East of England Traffic Commissioner has reminded operators and CPC holders not to allow third parties to act as brokers in the appointment of transport managers.  Doing so carries risks to licences and personal repute.
A former CPC holder told a public inquiry that he had been “rented out” as a transport manager leading Mr Turfitt to conclude the arrangement did not amount to a genuine link between the operator and the transport manager, as required by EU regulations introduced in December 2011.
The Traffic Commissioner warns the industry that transport managers will face questions over their professional competence and good repute if they fail to meet those requirements.
He advises that where CPC holders are prevented from exercising continuous and effective management of the transport operation, they should resign rather than allow an operator to use them in name only.
 “As far as a traffic commissioner is concerned, the holder of a Certificate of Professional Competence who is accepted… as a transport manager on an operator’s licence holds an absolutely key post,” explained Mr Turfitt.
“A transport manager is there to exercise, as the law requires of them, continuous and effective management of the transport operation.”
He added that it is a matter of fairness to all operators that steps be taken to prevent situations where CPC holders accept temporary appointments without the scope to exercise their statutory responsibilities.
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