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Our operational excellence to support your performance Daily departure between France / UK / Germany / Benelux / Italy Guaranteed transit time 3 speeds of flows Reliability of 99.6 % Interactive communication between consigner, BI and consignee in relevant local language
Sectors : Fashion, Luxury, Aeronautic, Music, Health, Industrial...

Guaranteed departures each day of the week :
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

What a reliability ratio of 99.6 % means to your industry performance

For every 100 shipments each year

Transport reliability of 88 % = 12 anomolies per year or 1 per month
Transport reliability of 99.6 % = 1 anomoly every 2 and a half years

The ability to accelerate a shipment in transit by 24h or 48 h each
day of the week

Transport as a strategic axis in your supply chain performance

Transport as a strategic need treated with our guaranteed options means:

Adapting transport solutions to your industrial and your customers needs
Offering production departments guaranteed, flexible solutions in accordance with production constraints.
Regulate the supply process allowing production planning
Interactive communication between suppliers/customers and all relevant sites.
Meeting perfectly customers specifications and expectations.
Managing return flows critical to production with improvement of the rotation level and optimization
of working time of your teams.
Transport as a strategic need treated as a simple cost centre leads to :
Dissatisfied or lost customers
Financial penalties
Damaged reputation
Unreliable lead times
Additional administrative costs incurred in correcting the situation
Extra cost of laying on dedicated or express vehicles.
Partial deliveries or several unnecessary collections
Orders departing to meet hauliers schedules rather than customer needs
Danger of out of stock or having to hold expensive buffer stock.
Rescheduling production
Line stoppage

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Supply Chain Management
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