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Sustainable transport and green haulage
Sustainable transport and the protection of the environment are key subjects within the economy and transport industry today. has achieved impressive results in helping the industry to be greener and work more efficiently which has resulted in a positive impact on the environment and helped towards a more eco friendly, sustainable transport industry.
It is estimated that at any one time over a third of HGV’s on UK’s roads are running empty as they return to their depots after having completed a delivery job. This scenario results in wasted fuel, money and time. It is also a contributing factor to congestion on the country’s roads. Doing away with empty running will help towards a green transport industry.
Transport company’s operating costs and fuel costs seem to escalate every day. More and more UK haulage companies and couriers are seeing the benefits of networking with each other to cover and find back loads through’s haulage exchange.
Through our haulage exchange platform businesses in the UK can post their available loads and delivery work onto the site for haulage companies and couriers to contact them so they can fill their empty vehicles. The site also works the other way around where hauliers and couriers can advertise their available vans and HGV’s for their empty return journeys, businesses or loaders can then get in touch with them with information of their loads that need delivering.
Whilst cutting down on costs and securing haulage work are the main drivers of, our haulage exchange also has huge environmental benefits helping to successfully reduce empty HGV and van journeys, saving scarce fuel resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon footprint

It has been estimated that the UK transport industry could save millions of miles of empty journeys by making use of spare vehicle capacity that would have otherwise returned home empty. This could cut UK carbon emissions by as much as 8 per cent and significantly contribute to a more sustainable transport industry.
In the past 12 months alone has saved haulage companies and couriers over 100million empty miles.

Help your company become more sustainable by joining the green haulage companies and eco transport companies that are eliminating their empty return journeys by finding back loads on

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With up to 5,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.