Are you a haulier looking to expand your network or find new work?

Join the growing Returnloads online community making it easier for you to work with other hauliers. Whether you do work for them, or they do work for you.
Maximise resource

Maximise resource

Never run empty again by arranging back loads for your return journeys.
Find loads

Find loads

There’s a broad mix of work available from general haulage to frozen and chilled and everything in between.
Advertise work

Advertise work

Grow your network by advertising excess loads to our growing haulage subcontractor community.
Stay informed

Stay informed

Get the visibility you need as subcontractors do your work including live progress updates, with ETAs and ePODs.

Grow your network - subcontract excess loads

Finding yourself turning work down when you’re running at full capacity? Advertise your excess work to a growing community of owner-drivers and subcontractors here on Returnloads. Check specialisms, reviews, accreditations, and certifications to ensure you’ve found the perfect transport partner to take on your work.

Find more loads

Is expensive empty running an issue in your haulage business? Set up custom freight alerts tailored specifically to your requirements and receive email notifications when your criteria has been matched to a load. Get your loads for the return journey sorted easily with Returnloads.

Stay informed

Returnloads makes it easy to work with other hauliers. Our integrated software enables allocated jobs to be completed using a mobile app. It’s the paperless way to get jobs done with job status updates, ETAs and electronic proof of delivery. You’ll always know if jobs are going to plan and receive ePODs as soon as work is done.

Let the load come to you

Get real-time load notifications by setting up custom freight alerts. You’ll be alerted to any suitable owner driver wanted jobs that are posted onto Returnloads instantly via email. Members can also download the Returnloads app so you can access thousands of loads whilst on the go.

Seamlessly integrate your existing transport systems

Integrate your existing transport management systems seamlessly with our freight exchange. Save even more time thanks to job imports and exports, job status and ETA updates and instant electronic proof of delivery.

See why Returnloads is the perfect place to grow your network, find more work and stay informed.
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Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 5,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.