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Why Join is one of the UK’s most active courier exchange websites. Whether you are one of the UK's largest courier companies, a transport company which operates vans, 7.5 tonners and HGV’s, or if you are a self employed owner driver we can help you find all the courier work, van loads, courier return loads and owner driver jobs you need to help improve your efficiency and increase your revenue.

Grow Your Courier Business
Find courier work and delivery jobs throughout the country with over 90,000 truck loads and van loads online every month. Take full advantage of these opportunities to gain new customers and secure more courier jobs. With custom freight alerts we can let you know when any new courier loads are added to our courier exchange within seconds.

Never Turn Away Courier or HGV Work Again
Take on more customers without needing to enlarge the size of your fleet by adding any excess courier loads and van loads to our freight exchange ready to be sub-contracted. This will alert all interested haulage and courier companies of your loads instantly. From tail-lift Lutons through to small vans, all types of vehicles can be found on our courier exchange. From time to time most courier companies get offered courier jobs which are too big or too heavy for their fleet vehicles therefore a membership to could become essential. As a member you can take on haulage work which you have had to previously turn down and then subcontract it out to a haulage company through our freight exchange.

Save Money & Increase Efficiency
Driving an empty courier van or removal truck will create dead mileage which can cost a lot of money to your business. Convert your empty van space into extra revenue and reduce the amount of empty trips with quick and easy access to thousands of courier back loads and van return loads every day. Our members not only benefit from reducing the amount of empty running but also save on fuel by not having to travel as far to their next courier job, returning back to base in quicker time to do the next delivery job.

Track Your Vehicles in Real-Time has taken GPS vehicle tracking to the next level by combining the technology with our freight exchange.
Courier companies can track their vans and trucks and see them in real time on the interactive map. Not only will they be able to see exactly where their vehicles are they will also see what loads are available near them.

Network & Gain Industry Contacts
In the transport and logistics industry the importance of a good network of couriers, freight forwarders and owner drivers is vital to help keep your business on the move. Joining the UK's busiest freight exchange will help you increase your connections within the industry which will lead to more courier work, more customers and having a larger network of subcontractors.

Complete Piece of Mind
Unlike any other online courier exchange website, operates a ‘star rating system’, which allows members to review each other on every delivery job that takes place. This allows courier companies and loaders to read reviews on previously completed courier work, providing piece of mind when choosing a company to deliver or supply goods.

Key Benefits for Couriers
With thousands of available delivery jobs and empty vehicles every month you are sure to find what you are looking for on our haulage and courier exchange website.

  • Over 90,000 van and truck loads listed every month providing you with every opportunity you need to increase your revenue by gaining new delivery work.
  • Reduce expensive empty runs by discovering return loads, backloads and dedicated courier work quickly and easily.
  • From small vans to lutons, from 7.5 tonners to articulated HGV’s our network of transport companies have all the vehicles you could need.
  • Save time when looking for courier work, with instant freight alerts sent to you as soon as courier loads are added to the site.
  • See where your fleet vehicles are at all times with live vehicle tracking at no extra cost.
  • With reviews carried out on every delivered load you can feel confident when choosing the right transport company for the job.
  • Download members verified business documents quickly and easily.
  • Get discovered online and increase your web presence with a full 8 page micro-website.
  • Go mobile with our free app and find the nearest truck and van loads to where you are.
  • With our low cost monthly subscriptions you will save money when compared to other courier exchange websites.
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