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We appreciate that may have some questions and in anticipation of that we have put together some frequently asked questions along with their answers for you. If we haven’t covered your specific question please feel free to contact us

Frequently asked questions
  • What is is the UK’s leading online freight exchange network and has been helping hauliers, couriers and owner drivers find available delivery work and fill their empty vehicles since 2000. We also help manufacturers and commercial businesses get their goods delivered. 

  • Is only for transport companies?

    Our freight exchange network is open to any company who would benefit from it and that includes haulage companies, owner drivers, freight forwarders, manufacturers, distribution companies and any commercial businesses who regularly need goods delivered.

    Find out how can help your company be clicking the type of company below:

    Haulage Companies
    Owner Drivers

    If your looking to get your goods delivered click here: Haulage service

  • Is only for UK companies?

    Absolutely not. Our freight exchange is open to international companies as well as national ones. As long as you are looking for loads within the UK or you have loads that need delivering in the UK you can join.

  • What type of loads can I find on

    There is a diverse range of loads that you will find on our freight exchange and these can change daily. Loads range pallets to part loads, back loads and everything in between. We average around 90,000 loads every month spread across the UK. You can find all kinds of haulage work and courier work on the platform.

  • How can I be part of the freight exchange?

    You can become a Returnloads member by joining online, or give us a call and we'll talk you through our plans. 

  • How much does it cost to join?

    We currently have two different subscriptions available to choose from. You can view our plans and pricing here.

  • How can I access

    All you need to access is a device with an internet connection. Whether that be a PC, tablet or smartphone. You can login with your unique username and password.

  • How do I get my load delivered?

    All you need to do is place your load onto our exchange adding the details of the load in which you need delivering.

    Once you have done this our intelligent matching system will instantly send out a freight alert to all of the members who match your load requirements and are interested in loads in that area. Your load would also become visible in our load search results.

    If a member is interested in delivering your load they will contact you directly to discuss pricing, payment terms and delivery times. 

  • I have just joined ReturnLoads, do you have a tutorial video to help get me started?

    Thank you for joining, and yes we do have tutorial videos that teach you the basics of using that you can find here

  • How do I find a load?

    There are a few ways you can find a load on

    The first is by setting up freight alerts via your 'My Account' page, to do this you just need to select the areas where you are looking for loads and as soon as a load is added on to the exchange in those areas a freight alert will be emailed through to you.

    The next way to find a load is to use our interactive map or quick search tools, with either of these options you just need to select the area you are looking for loads in and press search. You will be presented with all of the available loads within that area and you can then filter by vehicle type and destination.

    The last way which can help you find a load is by adding your available vehicle to the exchange, by adding your vehicle any members who have alerts set up for empty vehicles in those locations will be instantly sent an email advising them of your availability and if interested they will contact you directly.

  • Does set the rates for a job?

    No we do not. Rates and payment terms are discussed and agreed with the other freight exchange member. With us not getting involved in the rates this helps our members give the best possible prices whilst maintaining their margins. 

  • How do I get paid for a load once it is delivered?

    Payment is made directly to you by the other member. Rates, payment terms and conditions must be agreed prior to accepting any load. We do not get involved in the payment of work, that is solely between yourself and the haulier.

  • How do I pay the transport company we used through

    Rates, payment terms and conditions for any load you want delivered needs to be agreed between you and the transport company prior to the job starting. You will then be required to pay as per the agreed terms.

  • How do I know if a company on is reliable?

    Reviews are given on each delivery job which is completed through our freight exchange. There are two types of review one is for performance which is given to the company who has delivered the load by the seller of that load and the other is on payment which is given by the company who delivered the load to the load seller. You can view all members previous received reviews prior to accepting any job ensuring you are happy with the company you have chosen to work with.

    We have helpful page that explains how to best use the system safely and securely here.

  • Does have a mobile app?

    Yes we do and you can download it completely free via the App Store for any IOS device or the Play Store for any Android based device. At the moment you can quickly search for available loads using the app. We are currently working on some new features for our app so watch this space!

    Find out more: App

  • Can I set up vehicle and freight alerts for more than one area?

    Yes you can. You can set up email alerts for loads or vehicles or both and in as many areas as you wish. 

  • Does recommend any members?

    We try and stay completely impartial and will not recommend any specific members for any specific job. What we do say though is that it is always advisable to check a members rating and previous reviews prior to agreeing to any job. You can also keep your eye out for the ‘Verified’ members, these members have had their business documents reviewed and verified by us.

  • Can I sub-contract out any excess loads?

    Absolutely, this is one of the main benefits of being a member of our freight exchange. Instead of turning the business away you can subcontract it out to one of our other members. That way it keeps your customer happy, it fills an empty vehicle of one of our members and you make a little extra revenue without having to deliver it yourself.

  • I'm an owner driver, can I join?

    There are plenty of owner driver opportunities at whether you are looking for haulage work. Our freight exchange is the perfect place to network and gain important industry contacts which can help you potentially grow your business.

    Benefits for Owner Drivers

  • Do you only have return loads on

    No you can find more than just return loads, our freight exchange gives you access to return loads, back loads, outgoing loads, regular loads and transport contracts. 

  • How do we become a featured case study?

    Thats easy you just need to contact us and we will ask you some quick questions on how has helped your business. member reviews

  • How do i cancel my membership?

    If you'd like to cancel your Returnloads membership, please contact [email protected]. We will confirm cancellation or advise if there is still tenure within your subscription as per the terms and conditions of your contract. 


  • Do you have any member reviews i can read?

    You can read how our freight exchange has helped many members increase revenue, cut costs and become more efficient here

  • What is the maximum amount of vehicles I can track?

    There is no limit to how many of your fleet you can track on

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