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Freight Exchange

What is a freight exchange?

A freight exchange is an online platform connecting companies who need goods to be delivered to transport companies who have the available vehicle space to deliver the goods. Freight exchange websites match delivery requests with transport companies based on the size of the load and the collection and delivery locations. By matching a HGV load to a vehicle that is already going that route, or is returning along that route, it utilises vehicles already on the road.

This maximises existing capacity and reduces the number of emissions causes by lorries and vans. Hauliers and couriers will be able to maximise their revenue potential by using the available space in their vehicles. 
The Department for Transport has recently highlighted the importance of collaboration within the industry in its Freight Carbon Review, which includes a case study from Returnloads.

Why choose the Returnloads freight exchange?

Returnloads is the leading freight exchange service in the UK. We connect haulage firms, freight forwarders, loaders and distribution companies across the country and help them search for freight loads, backloads, haulage work and empty vehicles to maximise their profits and improve efficiency.

We are committed to helping you fill your vehicles with a freight exchange that is simple, affordable.


Grow your business

Our freight exchange website can help you grow your business by giving you full access to over 90,000 available loads from across the UK every month. With the amount of haulage work that is available on Returnloads you can maximise every opportunity to keep your vehicles full and busy. With freight alerts, we let you know instantly when a new load is added that may be of interest to you.

Unlimited vehicle posting saves you time and helps load providers to find you.


Take on more haulage work

Take on additional haulage work and courier work without the need to increase your fleet by utilising the resources available on Returnloads. Thousands of independent drivers and hauliers use our freight exchange every day to find freight loads, making it the perfect place to subcontract any excess loads and build profitable relationships. 

Haulage subcontractors wanted? Many of the UK's largest haulage operators use Returnloads to subcontract haulage work.

Access to members' business documents and feedback from completed haulage jobs gives added peace of mind.


Build profitable relationships

The Returnloads freight exchange helps you build up a profitable network of contacts from within the road haulage industry. The types of members we have are diverse and vary greatly in size and services offered. We have everything from self-employed owner drivers and freight forwarders through to manufacturers and European haulage companies.

Just starting out? Let Returnloads help you build a network of profitable contacts that will help you grow your business


More than just return loads

Our freight exchange website offers more than just return loads and backloads. You will also find regular haulage, outgoing loads and transport contracts all at rates you might not expect from a freight exchange websites.

We have over 90,000 available freight offers every month, ranging from small haulage loads all the way through to full artic loads.
Freight Exchange UK

Save money and improve efficiency

Save money and eliminate ‘dead mileage’ by finding return loads and backloads to fill your empty vehicles on return journeys. You can quickly transform your available vehicle capacity into money by covering a load from our freight exchange.
Cut down your CO2 emissions by eliminating expensive empty runs.

Keep track of your fleet at all times

Returnloads has taken live fleet tracking to the next level by combining GPS technology with our freight exchange platform.

Freight exchange members can track their vehicles and see where they are in real time on the interactive map. Not only will they be able to pin-point where their vehicles are at any time, they will also see what live loads are available near them, helping them find the most suitable located load for their vehicles.


Seamlessly integrate your existing transport systems

Integrate your existing transport management systems and telematics systems seamlessly with our exchange. This saves you even more time and improves efficiency when looking for or subcontracting loads. 

Key benefits

Our UK freight exchange will help your business to grow and increase profits. We are one of the only exchanges not to tie our members in to long-term contracts.
  • Over 90,000 UK loads listed every month, providing you with more work to improve your profits
  • A huge network of industry professionals, helping you build long-term, profitable business relationships
  • Take on more work by utilising our network of reliable haulage subcontractors
  • Track your vehicles in real-time with no added costs
  • Save time searching for haulage work with freight alerts sent straight to your inbox
  • Use the Returnloads app to access our exchange services on the go
  • Save money compared to other freight exchange websites with our low-cost monthly subscriptions
  • View member feedback and business documents before taking on a job
  • Integrate your existing TMS and telematics systems seamlessly with our exchange

No-obligation free trial

We are so confident that you will see the benefits of using our freight exchange network that we offer all new users a completely free and no-obligation trial. During your trial, you have full access to the exchange and can find loads to fill your vehicles or available hauliers to deliver your goods. 

Affordable subscription plans

You can either choose whether to pay for your subscription on a monthly basis or, if you want to benefit from additional savings, an annual basis. At Returnloads, we don't force you to sign up for an annual subscription as we understand some businesses wouldn’t be using the service all year round. You can sign up to a monthly subscription, where you are only contracted for 60 days.

See what some of our members had to say about using our exchange network

The biggest reason we would recommend is that it helps us sell our loads and find suppliers to build new relationships with.

D & K Transport

Work I was previously looking at was only one way so has helped fill the gaps on back journeys

Frost Transport Solutions

The rates are very favourable when compared to other haulage exchanges

Red Dog Transport

Our subscription has been the best investment we have made for our business

T Wilson & Sons

After introducing into one of our branches we found it so beneficial to the business we rolled it out to all of our offices

Woodland Group

Read more freight exchange reviews from our members by visiting our case studies page.

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 5,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.