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Classified posts - UK haulage exchange & freight exchange

Welcome to, the leading UK haulage exchange and freight exchange website powered by one of the world’s most advanced computerised load matching systems. is the country’s fastest growing load matching network and currently averages over 3,000 live loads and hundreds of empty haulage vehicles on offer daily. We are now the most active UK freight exchange and haulage exchange, saving haulage companies, transport companies and couriers millions of wasted miles and unnecessary fuel emissions for the environment.
Our easy-to-use freight exchange offers transport and haulage companies the chance to advertise and find return loads, back loads, transport contracts, regular haulage work, get haulage contracts and courier loads including full loads, part loads, lorry loads and van loads.

Find haulage work & haulage loads on our freight exchange uk
The freight exchange platform is unique as it is not only open to haulage companies and couriers but also to freight forwarders, distribution companies, manufacturers and commercial businesses who are looking for transport companies to deliver their goods. This means haulage companies and couriers can not only find back loads or return loads on the site but get haulage contracts, regular haulage work and outgoing delivery work.
The freight exchange has thousands of registered transport companies ranging from owner drivers with one vehicle all the way up to international haulage companies with thousands of trucks and vans. Our haulage exchange helps all sizes of businesses to find haulage work and get haulage contracts as well as network to gain key connections within the haulage industry.
Our haulage exchange members can place unlimited haulage jobs and courier jobs, whether they are lorry loads or van loads on to the exchange to be delivered and once placed our advanced freight alerts will notify interested haulage companies and couriers within seconds. The lorry loads and van loads will then be visible on our UK freight exchange for members to search and contact the load seller directly if that available load is of interest.
When a member of our UK freight exchange is interested in a lorry load or van load they will contact the member who placed the load on to the freight exchange directly and then between them they can agree haulage rates and payment terms. No commission is taken by for any loads that are exchanged via the website with the savings enjoyed by the member placing the haulage work or courier work onto our haulage exchange.
As a member on our haulage exchange you will be able to view reviews that other members have received for completed delivery jobs so you can check how they have performed previously, helping to give you complete piece of mind that you are choosing the right haulage company or courier company to deliver your goods.

There are so many benefits to becoming a member of, members can now track fleet vehicles for free with the app and view the whereabouts of their vehicles at all times in relation to the available loads on the interactive map.
The transport exchange and freight exchange website is the ideal platform for freight forwarders or haulage companies who are looking to subcontract out haulage work to owner drivers. Equally our transport exchange can help owner drivers and self employed couriers find back loads and delivery work suitable for owner drivers. Haulage contractors wanted and haulage subcontractors wanted to help grow their businesses on our transport exchange.
Our freight exchange members not only benefit from sustainable transport with reduced empty running but they also save fuel by not having to travel far to collect their next delivery job, returning to base in quicker time too. The UK freight exchange makes member contact quick and effective, without the need for endless phone calls. Members are reviewed by each other after every completed haulage job through a ‘star rating system’, which allows feedback to be left by both the delivery company and the company placing the load, encouraging a reliable and high quality delivery service.

Within our freight exchange website, users can also set up their own micro-site, which can include company details and fleet photos; this is particularly useful for companies without their own website, providing an instant online presence and a great promotional tool.
With a 14 day free, no obligation, trial why not sign up so you can find return loads, haulage work and courier work or get your loads subcontracted out by placing them onto the leading UK haulage exchange.

The haulage exchange and courier exchange platform is simple to use, has thousands of available truck loads and van loads every day and is affordable with prices starting from as low as £29.95 per month. Take a look through our recent case studies to see haulage exchange reviews for
Standard and Premium Members also have between 1 - 3 on-site banner adverts which will appear randomly on various pages and can be linked directly to their own website, increasing traffic and enhancing presence within the major search engines.

All freight exchange members can benefit from our free mobile app, and Premium members can link to their own website from, allowing their placed courier work and haulage work to seamlessly appear on there as well. Both Standard and Premium members can highlight their work at the top of load or vehicle search pages as ‘Featured Loads or Vehicles’, enhancing the item; Premium members can also have an unlimited number of administrators using the site at any one time.

You can find freight loads, lorry loads, van loads, flatbed loads, tipper loads and much, much more on the UK's best value freight exchange,
Brookwood Load Solutions
Brookwood Load Solutions Ltd supply the STRAP2GO retractable restraint system which uses your existing ratchet straps to secure the load rave to rave, but retracts into the roof during loading.

This system can be retro fitted to any curtain sided vehicle, often using existing track and straps on both single and double decked trailers.

Click Here for more information
  • Brookwood Load Solutions LTD