Member Safety and Security on Returnloads

Your safety on Returnloads is one of our top priorities, ensuring that you are dealing with good and reliable companies is our main goal but this requires you as a member to ensure you remain vigilant when using our platform and when doing business via the Returnloads site.


At Returnloads we care about your security, which is why our verification system is in place to make sure you know who you are working with and vice versa. It’s more important than ever for members to verify documents and research the company you are set to do business with before handing goods over to drivers, or agreeing to deliveries.

This is a list of the steps you can take to give your company security and ensure you know who you are working for or giving work to.

Find A Member
1. Search/View company profile
Researching Members
2. Check their reviews
3. Verify their documents
4. Verify their company status / Credit check (If they are a firm)
5. Cross-check Returnloads/Companies House/any information you have on the member

Load Confirmation
6. Mark load as sold (To whom if possible)
7. Send confirmation E-mail (Via the Returnloads system)

Verify all details (MUST be completed before giving the job away)
8. Check email addresses while exchanging responses
9. Callbacks on published numbers (preferably landline)
10. Check reg numbers for vehicles arriving at delivery site

After the job is done
11. Leave a review
12. Keep in touch: respond to any requests from the member (invoices, failed payments, etc)

Something not right?
13. Contact the Returnloads team

1. View their company profile: you can do this by searching the company name on the site. Simply click “My Account” on the top right and scroll down the taskbar on the right until you see the search option. Access all their information and check that the information listed matches the rest of their details. If the company cannot be found please contact one of the Returnloads team before handing over the load.

2. Check their reviews: get an idea of the company’s feedback on Returnloads. Reviews don’t necessarily mean the company aren’t to be trusted but it should absolutely be taken into account before continuing.

3. Verifying documents: Business documents of other companies can be viewed from their company profile. Take a few minutes to scan their documents and check it all matches up.

4. Verify they are registered with companies house and/or utilise a reputable credit checking agency to verify the finacial status of the company in question. To search companies house find the link below. This is not the case for sole traders as they are not registered with companies house.

5. If a load is from the exchange check they are absolutely a member of the Returnloads platform by using the member search and that all details correspond with what has been stated or sent to you previously. The previously listed steps will help, but if you have any previous records of the firm stored in your files use that data and if anything is out of place or mismatched contact the company to ensure it is them you are speaking to and keep records as-well as contact information up to date on your own systems when possible.

6. Marking loads as sold: once the load details and rate have been agreed on and you are confident that they are a reliable user, please mark it as sold. (Even better if you can mark who it was sold to using our built-in confirmation system)

7. Using confirmation emails: The confirmation email sent through the site enables you to keep a record of all work completed through Returnloads and is sent to the verified email address of the member you have given the load to (always be wary of email addresses that can be created quickly and easily such as @yahoo, @gmail, etc) as well as a means of communication with the other member you’ve been working with.

8. Check email addresses: If you see something suspicious about a companies email address while exchanging responses, take this into consideration before sending a load their way as usernames are very easily replicated or forged. Inform the Returnloads team if you were contacted by a potentially suspicious member with a suspicious email.

9. Callback on a published telephone number (landline if possible): Private numbers are how people are able to falsify their identity. When contacting members of Returnloads please use the number provided on your member profile, or a number that it will be easier for others to reach you on which should also be listed on your company profile. If another companies number doesn’t match details previously provided or on their profile, please contact them via the number on their Returnloads company profile and verify it is their number and it was them you had been speaking to and remain vigilant with mobile numbers at all times. If you come across any suspicious numbers, please inform the Returnloads team.

10. Check registrations of vehicles: Registration numbers will be easier to keep track of if you verify them with the other member. Checking the registration of vehicles that arrive for deliveries compared to the registration numbers discussed over the phone can help prevent theft or in the event of theft you will have all of their details at hand which would make the whole process of recovering loads easier, you can also check the vehicle details from a registration plate on the DVLA website to ensure the make and color match the description given to you by the other member, if you are ever given a false plate prior to giving a load away please let us know immediately.

Before step 10, no goods or load should be released.

11. Leave a review once jobs are completed to validate their credibility: Feedback is a vital part of Returnloads platform, positive or negative. Other members need to know how your experience went with a company and how well their experience went with you. Feedback can not only help to improve company’s trading skills, but you can also raise awareness for your company’s professionalism.  

12. Keep in touch: If an invoice is requested from the company you worked with, or any other information don’t just delete the E-mail. The firm you worked with needs to keep track of their records just as much as you. Find the invoice or any other requested information and respond as soon as possible.

13. If you have any issues contacting members, please inform the Returnloads team.

All of us at the Returnloads team want members to have the best experience possible with their subscription. By using all of these features available you will not only benefit further from the service, but you will be using all the methods available to improve your company’s security on the site. We recommend all members take full advantage of these resources to prevent any miscommunication while trading. In any case that you are unable to contact a member, let the Returnloads team know by E-mail: [email protected] or by calling us on: 0333 006 3266.

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