Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

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Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?
GPS fleet tracking is the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to identify and locate multiple tracked vehicles on a map in real time. Live GPS fleet tracking is used by logistics companies and haulage operators to boost efficiency of their fleet vehicles.
More Than Just GPS Fleet Tracking has taken GPS vehicle tracking to the next level by combining the technology with our freight exchange.

Members can have their fleet vehicles tracked and displayed in real time on an interactive map. Not only will members be able to see exactly where their vehicles are they will also see what live loads are available near them.

Our freight exchange has a proven record of increasing the efficiency of member’s fleet vehicles and with the introduction of live vehicle tracking we can help boost efficiency even more. The added visibility will make it easier to utilize available vehicle capacity and simpler to make smarter decisions when choosing for a load.

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How Does it Work?
Our GPS vehicle tracking system is really easy to set up, there is no need to install GPS tracking devices to your vehicles. Just get your drivers to install our free vehicle tracking app and their smartphones or tablets will be turned into a tracking device.

We understand the important of privacy so we have made it really easy for drivers to turn their tracking off once their shift has ended.

Once set up you can manage your entire fleet, see whereabouts they are at all times and plan delivery jobs according. Whatever your business size and whatever types of fleet vehicles you have you can take advantage of our vehicle tracking system as a member benefit at no additional cost.

FREE GPS Fleet Tracking 

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Eliminate empty return journey’s - Knowing the exact location of your fleet vehicles and viewing them in relation to live loads makes easier to find suitable loads for an empty return journey. Finding the right backload will increase fuel efficiency, improve vehicle capacity utilisation and reduce the need for additional journeys.

Better customer service – Live visibility of your fleet vehicles allows you to keep your customers informed of where their load is at any time. This gives you the chance to let your customers know of any delays or changes to delivery schedules well in advance. GPS fleet tracking will make you stand out from your competition and help you provide first class customer service.

Always know where your drivers are – Save time by never needing to call your drivers for an update on where they are. Just login, view the interactive map and know exactly where all of your drivers are instantly. This will help you to run your fleet more efficiently and choose the best located vehicle for a job.

How Much Does it Cost?
Our fleet tracking system is completely FREE to all members. Whether you’re a basic or premium member with 2 vehicles or 200 vehicles there is nothing extra to pay us. We can see the added value of combining our freight exchange with vehicle tracking for our members and have chosen to make this an additional benefit at no extra cost.

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Already Use a Vehicle Tracking System?
If you already use a vehicle tracking system or telematics and would like to be able to view your tracked vehicles on our interactive load map get in touch. We may be able to integrate your existing telematics to work with

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