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Operating from all major ports in the UK, Denholm Transport offers a complete container haulage service carrying both import and export cargoes.

Lifting, storage and handling facilites are also available in all regions. Denholm Transport can offer complimentary services such as warehousing using our in-house operations within Denholm Logistics.


Denholm Transport carries a wide variety of general cargo - both full and part loads - throughout the UK, including steel, timber, chemicals and foodstuffs.

With licensing for waste and hazardous cargoes, Denholm Transport is able to offer a comprehensive service for the transportation of most cargoes to its customers.


All transport functions are utilised to offer the customer the most efficient service at the most competitive price.

From operational centres across the UK, Denholm offers road, rail and feeder facilities to ensure the most cost-effective methods are adopted for the transportation of containers.

Services provided:

  • Transport
  • Groupage
  • Full loads
  • Part loads

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