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An obsession with transport must begin somewhere. For William Drennan there was no particular reason to get into road haulage, except that he suffered from a craving for trucks and distance. The family, based in the village of Tobermore, Northern Ireland, ran a farm produce business so there were a few vehicles taking potatoes to market but no family history of hire-or-reward haulage. There is now.

William Drennan set up in 1970 with a single TK Bedford running dry freight and general haulage to Scotland and England. Today the business still works in this area, including groupage. It has also added a trunking service to Dublin and opened an 800m2 depot in the Republic's capital.

At 18 vehicles the fleet is somewhat larger than 32 years ago but not as large as it has been. At one time there was 27 trucks but now a large proportion of the UK work is subcontracted. This gives the business more time to concentrate on its customers, now it has established a base of reliable sub-contractors. It added a flexible dimension to the operation with sib-contractors able to cover a wider geographical area than had been managed previously. Before they might have had to turn down a load if all the vehicles were in London. As a result of going out to sub-contractors they have increased their business by about 50%.

Apart from a trunking service, Drennan serves its operation in Southern Ireland by bringing full loads into Dublin by ferry, which are broken down into its groupage at its depot for distribution throughout Southern and Northern Ireland.

In England it has developed partnerships with operators in London, Manchester and Leicester who put their Irish groupage into the system on a daily basis. The company has diversified by purchasing commercial property in both Ireland and England.

Drennan Transport balances the search for improvements in the ways they can help their customers do business with the family's hard earned reputation for the getting the job done right - first time. All their many customers' requests are met with a unique level of professionalism and personal service.

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