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Fagan & Whalley’s history stretches back more than 85 years, but our focus has remained the same throughout: to provide a versatile haulage service for every customer, and to nurture productive long-term relationships with those customers. Whether you need a local delivery, national or international haulage, we can help get your consignment delivered safely and efficiently.

Full-load deliveries across the UK and Europe are at the heart of what we do, and represent an excellent way for businesses of all kinds to transport goods across the UK. Our bulk haulage service means that we can transport large individual items or extensive multiple-item loads efficiently and cost-effectively.

The size of a load is immaterial – even the smallest shipment is important. Fagan & Whalley provide a first-class part-load haulage service which is perfect for small and medium-sized loads. We use the very latest load planning technology to guarantee that our vehicles are loaded as efficiently as possible, ensuring fewer – but more productive – journeys; by consolidating our freight in this way, we can keep our costs down and pass this saving on to our customers.  

Recently completed journeys
  • Cwmbran/Cwmbrân to Inverurie
    Full Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 26/02/2019
Recently filled vehicles
  • Hayle to Padiham
    Rigid Tautliner Completed 26/02/2019
  • Chatham to Padiham
    Artic Tautliner Trailer Completed 11/02/2019

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