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Proud to offer bespoke transport solutions to a diverse range of industries to suit all demands and requirements General Haulage Co Ltd
General Haulage Co Ltd can offer return loads to large haulage firms and owner drivers to and from all major towns and ports in the UK. Why run back empty from your delivery point? A quick call to us and you could be carrying a load back towards your hometown or your next pickup location, with minimal dead milage and better profits per job. We aim to find you loads to carry from our large trusted database of customers to locations to suit you, either for your next job or to get you back home
Recently completed journeys
  • Barnsley to Southampton
    Full Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 05/10/2018
  • Canterbury to Croydon
    Full Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 03/10/2018
Recently filled vehicles
  • Chester to Leeds
    Artic Tautliner Trailer Completed 03/10/2018

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