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Under Value and Overdelivered!
A flexible lifestyle courier, providing urgent express deliveries aswell as timed carrier services. I am self-employed owner van driver who indeed is reliable, professional, practical in terms of distance and availability. Easily accessible alongside 5years of experience with great knowledge of my local London area, also good acknowledgement across the whole U.K road network. A determined capable quick learner now looking to build on my extensive range of technical skills, within a suitably challenging role and a good opportunity for growth. Also very keen to achieve further professional developments. Proven experienced team worker across areas of retail/sales, customer services, warehouseman and delivery services. Including the professional use of I.T. Even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively. Indeed reliable to grasp new ideas and develop creative solutions to problems. Articulate, enthusiastic and disciplined professional who uses initiative, time management in a personal performance role and establishes stable relationships at all levels. It isimportant to respond and co┬Čordinate resources, both human and material, to best effect.
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