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JD Couriers

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Operating throughout the UK and into Europe we can service all your full load, part load and pallet transport requirements.
We are able to tailor&nbsp; services to match the requirements of each individual customer.&nbsp; Every customer has different requirements and priorities, and therefore it is our role to meet these criteria with its diverse fleet of vehicles and logistic solutions.<br /> <br /> Our Aims:<br /> Our aim is to provide a high class service to all our customers regardless of the size of the job at affordable rates<br /> <br /> If your business demands a flexible company with a fast response time for either storage or transport please contact us to discuss<br /> <br /> All vehicles are fitted with&nbsp; tracking&nbsp; to aid visibility of vehicles, optimize routes, give projected arrival times, maximize driver and vehicle efficiency, and eliminate empty and unnecessary mileage.&nbsp;&nbsp; Investment in state of the art traffic planning software means that our transport office is able to plan and control consignments in the most efficient and time effective manner.<br /> <br /> Our innovative transport solution moves beyond traditional logistics and transportation services to provide our clients both new and old added value with an effective supply chain management.<br />

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