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Lyons Haulage

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JF Lyons was establish back in 1950 for the distribution of fertilizer & lime using existing farm equipment to local farms in the area. Now it has grown to a Haulage group that supplies the UK, Ireland and Europe and owns a commercial garage.
Lyons Group is a professional company that has diversified due to demand and now offers a range of transport solutions and a commercial garage offering a 24 hour breakdown service.

We are able to provide Bulk haulage specialising in Animal Feed, Geo-minerals and fertilizer.

We also have a standard haulage service for palletized goods available for part or full loads.Lyons have been operating in the haulage business for over 60 years and this experience allowes us to provide our customers with the highes quality and efficient service.

Ultimately we aim to deliver a customers goods, where they want them, when they want them and in the condition they want them and all at a compeditive price.

Lyons Haulage
Lyons Haulage
Lyon fleet
Lyon fleet

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