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We operate four 44-ton articulated vehicles, and one rigid lorry loader.
We also sub-contract work through our long-established network of hauliers in the midlands area.

For cargo that requires protection from the elements we also run tautliner trailers, these can be loaded from the side or rear and are ideal for pallets, but can be used for a wide variety of cargo

Our fleet of flatbed trailers offer a versatile loading bed for any cargo that does not require covering and can be loaded from the side or above. All our flatbed trailers are equipt with pins and straps to secure almost any load.

Trailer Mounted Loader (Hiab Trailer)
We also operate trailer mounted loaders, which have the added benefit of a 360° swing, since the vehicle cab isn't on one side of the crane, and can also be utilised without the tractor unit if required.

Lorry Mounted Loader (Hiab)
We have specialist rigid lorry loader (Hiab) vehicles, which are highly versatile in situations where loading equipment is not available and the load is either too heavy or unsafe to load by hand or the load is obstructed for normal loading vehicles.

we often use these to load, deliver and unload garage lifts to road vehicle workshops, installing oil tanks and transporting structural steel to building sites.

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