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Miles Alive Ltd is a national road haulage exchange network, bringing together the combined experience and resources of 1000s UK suppliers.

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We are dedicated to making a difference for our network members, our customers and our environment. Whether you're a haulage company looking to precure those elusive return loads, or a business looking for efficient and greener sources of transportation, we're here to help.
Making a difference... your profitability - let's face it, times have changed, fuel prices are getting higher by the day, and the pressures from government and public opinion can no longer be ignored. Gone are the days when return loads were a bonus for our industry, it's now essential that evey mile is accounted for in both economic and environmental terms. your carbon footprint - our environment is the one thing that every individual and business has a stake in. Let's shout about what we're doing to improve our world. At Miles Alive, we believe that being greener doesn't have to cost you the earth - we believe it's good for your business, it's good for our industry, it's just good overall. our industry - road haulage is an integral part of every single person's sustainable, housing, commerce, leisure activities, every one of us depend on our industry. Our business is the nervous system of the country and it's our responsibility to ensure that it is as healthy and efficient as it can be.

Through hard work, perseverance and collaboration our first major acheivement will be to convert 1 million miles of otherwise "dead mileage" into greener, efficient and profitable miles for our suppliers and customers alike. This will equate to the overall annual emissions of 62,500 people in the UK, or the population of Rochester. Only then, will we claim success!!
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