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Nijman/Zeetank, a safe way of transport for over 60 years

Nijman/Zeetank International

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Nijman/Zeetank, a safe way of transport
For more than 60 years in Europe Nijman/Zeetank has been a sound partner in transport and logistics services of chemical liquids, fuels, mineral oils, cryogenic gases and glass.

With branches in four countries and an extensive European network, we offer reliable, safe, transparent and cost-effective logistics solutions. With flexible and sustainable solutions, we respond to the high and continuously evolving requirements of both the customer and the market.

We offer transport solutions by road, rail, short sea and inland navigation.  Every day, a team of dedicated, experienced and highly trained staff offer our customers excellent service for the transport and handling of their important product flows.
Nijman/Zeetank UK Mercedes
Nijman/Zeetank UK Mercedes
Nijman/Zeetank NL fleet
Nijman/Zeetank NL fleet

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