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Northern Freight Services offer a variety of transport services. We have a wide range of customers from small local businesses to large worldwide blue chip companies.
Dedicated and general haulage throughout the UK and Europe make up the majority of our distribution business. We also operate with a number of sprinter vans enabling us to make express shipments at short notice for our customers. As well as this we are members of The Pallet Network which gives us the opportunity to cost effectively deliver anywhere in the UK next day, with the help of our networking partners.

Our distribution services are controlled onsite from our transport office in Peterlee by our team of highly skilled and experienced operators, planners and administrative staff. We operate a mixed, modern fleet of over 40 vehicles and over 40 trailers which are maintained on site by our own team of mechanics in our own workshop and all of our vehicles are fitted with state of the art tracking systems, enabling us to pinpoint them at the touch of a button.

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