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Solstor UK Ltd, part of the A G Thames Holdings Group, is a family owned business established in 1983, originally created to carry group produce inbound from Mediterranean regions into the UK.  In 1990 Solstor was re-structured to become a stand alone company specialising in temperature controlled services across Europe, developing and expanding its customer base to include chill, frozen and ambient groups.

Solstor now manages a fleet of 300+ temperature controlled vehicles, making us the largest UK based European fridge operator.  Our group head office and central consolidation hub is strategically based near the M25 Dartford River Crossing, Kent, just over an hour from Dover and also close to the major ports of Sheerness and Tilbury.  We have established offices and consolidation centres in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland and other European locations.

Our core business is focused on the movement of fresh produce, chill and frozen products for the food industry.  Our network of strategically located hubs and consolidation centres offers our customers a complete solution from pack-house and manufacturing sources to regional distribution centres and warehouses across the UK and EU.
Supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation
Supporting the Pink Ribbon Foundation
Solstor is always on track
Solstor is always on track

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