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Operational since 1933 SPARKS TRANSPORT remains a family owned and run organisation

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Operating a large numbered fleet of extremely high quality vehicles,
ensuring that at all times they are both well maintained and visually
inspiring is a major element of our day to day role.

All of our vehicles are currently supplied by Scania, Mercedes and Renault. Newer vehicles means improved reliability, allowing us to provide higher levels of service to our Customers.

A fully comprehensive workshop on site in Glastonbury ensures vehicles are
maintained at the highest standards at all times.

In-cab tracking, linked directly back to our Head Office in Glastonbury, has
been a major development in recent months, allowing our Transport Operators
to have a 24 hour a day view of each individual vehicle, together with any
previous routing/delays. This is a tremendous tool for monitoring the
performance of our fleet and the overall performance to our clients.

Smaller Distribution Vehicles run throughout our overall UK/European
operation where necessary, to supply our clients with smaller consignments.

Over the next few years we envisage the size of our fleet increasing, along
with the make-up.

Number of vehicles: 100

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