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Family run freight forwarder established 2005 offering a "one stop" shop for same day / next day deliveries at competitive rates. Our philosophy is simple "we would rather make 1% of something than 10% of nothing ! "

Steadfast Freight Ltd

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We strive to try that little bit harder as we view each customer as number 1 to us not 1 of a number. We care - plain and simple!
Steadfast /'Stedfast/ a. constant, firm, unwavering.
adj. 1. to be useful or of good service
2. fixed in intensity and direction
3. determined in purpose and loyalty
4. serious and dependable in behaviour


PO Box 1005, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 9BD
   Tel: 01925 577544  
   Email: [email protected] 
Recently completed journeys
  • Heywood to Stoke on Trent
    Full Tautliner Load
    Completed Completed 25/05/2018
  • Weston-super-Mare to Birmingham
    7.5t Load
    Completed Completed 21/05/2018

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