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n 26th August Mr Alain Ziegler received the keys of two Atego 1222L BlueTEC HYBRID vehicles. ZIEGLER proves that they are constantly concerned about the environment and therefore they are always looking for the best solutions. The Atego BlueTEC HYBRID, the ‘Truck of the Year 2011’ – that can save up to 15% on fuel consumption and reduces the noise significantly, perfectly suits ZIEGLER's needs.

"These two vehicules will be used by the branch office of ZIEGLER Kobbegem (Belgium) for the distribution of hanging garments, namely one of our specialties. We provide not only the logistics and distribution of garments but also the evergrowing air cargo shipments from the Far East and emerging markets. We want to prove that ZIEGLER is constantly concerned about the environment and by applying the best solutions, we want to reduce our ecological footprint."

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