Setting up Approved Carriers

If you would like your approved sub-contractors to see your work before everyone else this is now possible.

Once you have set up your approved carriers list you can set it so that every load that is placed on to is show to your approved carriers first, 20 minutes before the rest of

If the load still hasn't been covered in those 20 minutes the load then becomes visible to all members.

We can automate the whole process of placing loads by integrating our API with your internal transport management system. That way loads will automatically be posted on to with your approved carriers seeing the work first. If you are interested in integration please contact us at [email protected]

This is a quick guide on how you can set up and use the approved carrier feature.

Where do i find the approved carriers page?

Click the my account button in the top right hand corner of the page


On the pop out menu click on 'My approved carriers'

You will now be on the approved carriers page, this is where you can add and remove your approved carriers. It should look something like this.


How can i add companies to my approved carriers list?

To add a member to your approved carriers list, type the first few letters of their company name and click the 'Find member' button.
For example if we were looking for we would type 'return' and click 'find member'.


All the results will have the company name and the company address so you can be sure you are adding the right member.

To add the company you just need to click 'Add', once you have done this that company will go into your approved carriers list.

If you have a lot of companies that you wish to add to your approved carriers list and don't fancy adding them all manually you can email us an excel spread sheed or csv and we can import them for you.

How can i remove a company from my approved carriers list?

Removing a company from your approved carriers.
For whatever reason if you wish to remove an approved carrier from your list you can do so by searching for their company name and clicking the 'Delete' button next to their name.

I have my list setup, now what?

Now you have your list of approved carriers set up you need to make sure when placing loads you de-tick the 'By pass approved carriers' option.

If you deselct this option when placing a load, the load will be shown to your approved carriers first and then after 20 minutes the members if the load hasn't been sold.

If you have an urgent load and want everyone to see it just make sure the box is ticked when placing the load.

Again this can all be automated via integrating our API with your transport management system.

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to contact us.

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