Archive Storage

Data archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer required or used to a separate storage device/facility for long-term retention.

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The real benefits of using a Warehouse Exchange member for archive storage is Increased office space – moving documents to their facility means you don’t need bookshelves and filing cabinets, decluttering your office.
You will then gain Increased workflow and employee efficiency – our members can digitise and send your documents to your desktop within hours of being requested.
This then saves a lot of employee time, and editing and sharing documents online is much easier and more convenient, speeding up work processes.
Ensure document security and make sure no data protection breaches occur – All Warehouse Exchange members document storage facilities are reliable, secure and protected against theft, loss and damage.
Taking advantage of our members secure, off-site Document Archive Storage Service gives you space to grow your business or to provide your staff with a better working environment.
You can save you money rather than paying office rates to store your records.


Secure Storage

Securing your documents in a WX Members document storage warehouse is easy as they provide controlled access, different alarm systems and internal and external CCTV.
This way, they ensure that your documents are protected and they are continually monitored.
Every box is barcoded so that it can be quickly and easily retrieved by our staff only.

Records Management

A document storage facility work with you to determine which documents are frequently needed, and which are no longer needed and can be safely disposed of and they can also establish which are needed but can be moved into deeper archives to give you greater cost savings.

Accessing Your Documents

Whilst your documents and archives may not physically be on your premises, you can still access them any time you want at most of our members document storage facilities.
They can easily retrieve archive boxes or individual documents and physically deliver it to you the next day and can also offer a same-day service for a charge. Alternatively, if you prefer, most WX members can send documents to you electronically.

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