What Are The Benefits of Freight Exchange Websites?
What Are The Benefits of Freight Exchange Websites?

What Are The Benefits of Freight Exchange Websites?

The immediate benefits to using an online freight exchange may be obvious, however there are a number of less obvious benefits that, if you are not using freight exchange websites, may surprise you. Here is a run down of the key benefits.



Find delivery work

This is the most obvious of all the benefits in becoming a member of an online freight exchange. Having access to thousands of delivery jobs every day can help your business to increase revenue and grow. UK freight exchange networks such as Returnloads.net can give you access to thousands of available loads every day, and with the diversity of loads that are available (part loads, full loads, courier loads, truck loads etc.) you can choose the best delivery load for you in terms of suitability, route and rates.


Turn ‘Dead Mileage’ into ‘Revenue Mileage’

The issue that still faces many haulage companies today is that their trucks often return back from delivery jobs completely empty with no loads. After the initial loads were delivered they would then spend hours on the road burning fuel whilst returning back to their depots. This waste in fuel is known as ‘Dead Mileage’ and is common within the haulage industry. Haulage companies use to take on haulage work not knowing whether they would find a suitable back load for their return journey. These days, since the arrival of freight exchange websites, it has become much quicker and easier to find suitable back loads and return loads for your vehicles. As a member of a freight exchange you can immediately work proactively to find a suitable back load firstly by advertising your available vehicle capacity and route to the thousands of freight exchange members and secondly you can look through the thousands of available loads to see if there is one suitable. With some UK freight exchange websites like Returnloads.net you can also set up custom freight alerts to instantly notify you of any suitable loads within a certain criteria. Being a member of a freight exchange will increase your chances of finding back loads and return loads immensely.

Eliminate dead milage by using a freight exchange


Improve time management

We all know that in business time equals money, the only real difference is that money can be earned back whereas once time is gone it is gone for good. Good time management can be found at the center of every successful business. Those transport companies who are members of an online freight exchange can tell you just how much time it really can save. The days of needing to make an endless number of phone calls to find out if any of your contacts have an available load is all but over. The ability to access so many loads from a wide range of different companies all in one place in real time can save you hours every day, hours which could be spent finding more haulage work and transport contracts to help your business grow.


Build your reputation

For any transport company regardless of size, reputation can make a big difference. Becoming a member of a haulage or courier exchange can help boost your company profile and reputation within the industry. The haulage industry is full of diverse clients, operators and contractors and people want to establish themselves and build a reputation quickly and positively. You can build on your reputation via a freight exchange by delivering a quality service whether that is delivering loads or sub-contracting out delivery work. Most large freight exchange networks have reviews taken on every completed delivery job making it easy for you to quickly build a ‘5 star’ reputation, if you keep up the quality of your services.


Gain key industry contacts

If you are a member of a freight exchange you will know only to well the variety of industry contacts you have at your fingertips. If you are looking for haulage work, courier work, back loads, empty vehicles, transport contracts or even owner drivers you can find them all on a freight exchange website. All the opportunities are there for you to contact and work with key haulage industry players building lasting relationships that could help push your business forward.


Help improve the environment

This may not be the first choice as to why haulage companies join a freight exchange but that doesn’t make it any less of a benefit. When you become a member of a freight exchange you will start to see the obvious benefits such as increasing your profits or reducing dead mileage. It is worth noting that whilst you are reducing your empty running by finding back loads on a freight exchange you are also lowering CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint for the haulage industry. It has been estimated that the UK haulage industry could save over 40 million miles of empty journeys by making better use of spare vehicle capacity. If you are using a hualge exchange or courier exchange website you are having a positive impact on the environment and helping us all work towards a more sustainable transport industry.

There are many other benefits to using a freight exchange which are dependant on what type of business you are. So if you’re an owner driver looking for work, a haulage company looking for back loads or a freight forwarder looking for sub-contractors you could benefit from joining a good freight exchange.


When considering the minimal costs of joining a busy UK freight exchange, like Returnloads.net, the financial returns are much more than worth it. Although freight exchange rates can differ from exchange to exchange there really are so many benefits that the cost is usually absorbed or covered quickly.

Have a look at some of the many freight exchange reviews that you will find and see how they have helped others.

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