Best Smartphone apps for HGV drivers
Best Smartphone apps for HGV drivers

 Justpark –
Justpark is designed to make parking a much simpler step of daily journeys for drivers. The application can be used by drivers or transport managers to handle movement of their vehicles more effectively, with an easy way to search, find and reserve spaces. 
During research, they found 23% of journeys involve an issue with parking at some point – at 190 million trips a month – they expressed their mission to find a solution to end driver’s uncertainty on parking costs, availability and restrictions.
Not only useful for drivers, property owners also maximise use of their spaces by posting their space availability to the app. Providing easy and efficient parking.

Truckparking Europe –
 With one of the largest networks in Spain and the Netherlands Truckparking Europe provides a service much like Justpark, all across Europe. The service can be used by operators, drivers and those with spaces to advertise.
By using the app, international movement of goods can be planned and organised in a much more secure manner. Rather than trying to find a space at the last minute your driver needs to park up, they can set a route to exactly where they need to rest-up, which is much more efficient than any of the usual searching for a space would be.
You can also use the app as a social platform, allowing you to meet fellow truckers on the road.
Spaces on the system are rated by the drivers, meaning you can look for the best space available for your vehicle based on what others have said. 

The AA App –
If you’re an AA member you’ll gain maximum benefits from this app, not only meaning that you will be provided with a route planner but also report your breakdowns, track rescue teams, as well as member-exclusive discounts. 
Even without a membership, the app provides you with a route planner (but be wary of low bridges and restrictions!) and real-time road/traffic information and updates.

Waze – 

Waze is great for transport operators and drivers alike. As a user, you can update the traffic info if you were to come across (for example) construction. The Waze app then updates the route based on user input. While it isn’t always completely reliable, depending on how many people use it and report traffic in your area, but it’s a handy app!  
Transport operators can then post any updates on roads given by their drivers, so others are aware of any potential delays. Waze was bought by Google in 2013.

Returnloads – 
Need to find work in the UK fast? Then you need the App! Through our app you can browse all of the loads available on the site and find the contact details to handle the job directly. The app is available on Android and iphone. You can even use the app during your free trial period! The app is handy if you are just looking to find the work that is available
Take advantage of all the breaks and spare time you have on the road and save time overall! By finding additional work, secure a parking space and accurately working out your route their your work will become much more efficient on a daily basis, which will either benefit your business long-term, or you’ll be recognised for your hard work by your transport operator as an organised member of their fleet.

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