Trucks that carry the Christmas Spirit
Trucks that carry the Christmas Spirit

Wishing you a Merry Christmas! These trucks carry the Christmas spirit as much as those words do, so you can sit back, look at these iconic vehicles of the most wonderful time of the year and get ready for a great Christmas Day!

#1 The Coca-Cola truck – The most iconic Christmas advert (and truck of all time), the Coca-Cola advert is when you know the holidays are coming and you can even visit the Coca-Cola truck for yourself in most local areas and grab yourself a can for the holidays!

#2 Kevin the Carrot’s truck – Kevin is a newcomer, but he’s already set his mark as a Christmas icon. Kevin’s truck has thrilled as many families who spot it on the road as the Coca-Cola truck, with Aldi’s similar-but-not-exactly-the-same design of the Kevin the Carrot truck. Aldi has received increased demand for their Kevin the Carrot merchandise.

#3 Geraldine McQueen’s truck in Once Upon A Christmas Song – This song started out as a parody of Christmas songs, but became an instant classic. Peter Kay’s Geraldine McQueen character stole the heart of the nation and the cheesy but accurate to Christmas tradition music video. The song peaked #5 in the Top Charts.

#4 Cadbury Advent Calendar Trucks – Cadbury already makes it way into our homes at Christmas, whether it’s through advent calendars or as a gift. In 2016, Cadbury released an advert where their trucks came together to form a full picture of an advent calendar, made from the roof of all the trucks. It was inspired and a great way to advertise their festive calendar.

#5 Your truck – If you have that warm Christmas feeling in your heart, of course your truck has the Christmas spirit! Even more so if you have decorations and have your festive cheer displayed for all to see! A wise man once said “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear” and we know how much drivers love a sing-song in the cabin!

From all of us at the team, Happy Holidays!

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