Contract Packing

Contract Packaging, also known as Co-Packing, is the overall process of assembling a product or good into its finished packaging ready for export.

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The types of Contract Packing Services offered by some of the members of Warehouse Exchange are as follows
  • Sea freight packing
  • Air freight packing
  • Road freight packing
  • Case making
  • Hazardous packing
  • On-site packing
All Freight Packers should be able to pack up all of your goods for you before they are ready for export. WX Contract Packers should offer a packing service for deliveries of all sizes and also offer a hazardous packing service.
Contract Packers should stock a wide range of various packaging to meet all your needs and be able to pack for all forms of transport air / sea / road freight and all packed goods should be accompanied with a DG certificate which should be included in the cost.
Some Contract Packing warehouse companies specialize in kitting & assembly / re-assembly work.
Some Warehouse Exchange members offer services including shrink wrapping, folding, labelling, re-labelling, packing & reworking of packing.


Export packing

You should check if your chosen Contract Packing services are accredited members of the U.K.W.P.M.M.P (wood marking programme) and as such are certified as ISPM15 Compliant allowing them to apply their registered stamp to manufactured timber cases, crates and pallets for export around the globe.

Bespoke Packing Cases

Contract Packers can offer case supply for customers wishing to pack their own goods. Bespoke cases can be designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of a product.
Most Contract Packing Companies offer an on-site service, from initial site visit to measure items, checking loading apparatus, working areas and suitable access. They should then bring manufactured cases in flat pack form to site and pack on site.
Within most export packing services they should be fully conversant in the application of foil bags to goods where it is a requirement. Goods can also be received at their premises to be stored and or consolidated prior to export packing.

Storage of computers, motorbikes and canoes right through to the packing of heavy machinery are all types of material that a good Contract Packers should be able to handle by utilization of some of the following materials that most packing companies will have in stock.
  • Regular slotted boxes
  • Pallet boxes
  • Die-cut boxes & fittings
  • Cap/Sleeve/Tray Sets
  • Layer Pads
  • Postal tubes
  • Pallet covers and wraps
  • BDCM Boxes
  • Corrugated Rolls
They should be able to supply different styles of packing cases that can be produced from softwood timber, plywood and MDF or a combination of these and some companies will manufacture cases to your own personal specification and have an in-house design and development team to solve any of your timber packaging needs. Some members of The Warehouse Exchange also provide a free stencil cutting service and stencil your cases with any marking that you may require. PEC crates can also be lined with different moisture/water-resistant fabrics and companies can manufacture barrier foils bags to give an extra level of protection to your products. All cases can be supplied heat treated for global export and should be fully approved & certified by the forestry commission.
A good contract packing member of WX should be able to manufacture packing cases from the size of a shoe box up to the size of a house and even include steel bridges, aircraft, cars & boats. This coupled with their export and packing expertise offers a full service for bespoke projects being able to box, pack and ship parts around the world.

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