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Find haulage contracts and grow your business with Returnloads.net

Returnloads.net is the UK’s leading freight exchange for transport and haulage contracts. Whether you are an owner driver looking to find delivery contracts or a haulage operator looking to subcontract haulage work for a tender we can help.

What is a Freight Exchange?

A freight exchange is an online platform that connects companies that have transport contracts and haulage tenders with transport operators that are looking for delivery work. 
Freight exchange’s match delivery requests with transport firms based on the type of load and the collection and delivery locations. By matching available delivery jobs to hauliers who are returning along that route empty it utilises the available capacity, maximises efficiency and reduces costs.

Why Returnloads.net?

Returnloads.net has been helping transport companies for over 17 years and is the busiest freight exchange in the UK. Boasting over 90,000 delivery jobs every month, which includes haulage contracts. We connect transport operators, freight forwarders, manufacturers and distribution companies across the UK and help them find transport contracts, haulage work and available transporters to maximize their profits and improve efficiency.
We are committed to help you find haulage contracts and subcontract haulage work with a freight exchange platform that is easy to use and affordable.

Find Haulage Contracts

Our freight exchange can help you find haulage contacts by giving you access to over 3,000 available UK loads every day. With the amount of haulage work and delivery contracts that are up for grabs on Returnloads.net you can maximize every opportunity to keep your vehicles full and busy. With instant freight alerts we let you know as soon as new load or contract is added that could be of interest.
You can also advertise your fleet’s empty runs making it easier for companies that have haulage contracts for tender to find you if you empty runs match their requirements.

More than just Transport Contracts

Our haulage exchange offers more than just transport contracts. You will also find back loads, outbound loads and regular haulage work all at rates you might not expect from a freight exchange, you can even find haulage contracts for owner drivers. A number of the largest UK haulage companies use Returnloads.net to subcontract out haulage work so if subcontract haulage work is wanted we can help.

Subcontract Haulage Work

If you bid and win a large haulage contract for tender and you need to subcontract a percentage of the contract out then we can assist. You can take on haulage contracts for tender without needing to increase your fleet in the knowledge that Returnloads.net gives you access to thousands of owner drivers and haulage operators. Thousands of users who use our freight exchange every day to find freight contracts and haulage work makes it the perfect place to find haulage subcontractors. If you have available haulage contracts for owner drivers look no further.
All you need to do is place your delivery job on the platform and transport operators will start contacting you directly.

Over 150,000 loads every month
Over 150,000 loads every month

Build Key Relationships

Returnloads.net helps you build up a network of contacts from within the road haulage industry. The types of members we have are diverse and offer a range of road haulage services. We have everything from HGV owner drivers and freight forwarders through to manufacturers and distribution companies. You can quickly increase your network of customers and suppliers to help you grow your business.

Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency and eliminate ‘dead mileage’ by finding returnloads and back loads to fill your empty vehicles on return journeys. You can quickly transform your empty capacity into revenue by covering a load that matches the empty leg of your journey. This will also have a positive impact on the environment by cutting down your CO2 emissions.

How to Bid on Transportation Contracts

If you are looking at bidding on transport contracts and wonder how it works you don’t have to worry, you will negotiate directly with the company who has advertised the transport contract. If you are happy with their price or alternatively they are happy with your bid for the contract then the job is yours. Confirmation of your winning bid will follow and once you have completed the delivery you will be able to leave them feedback and they will be able to leave you feedback as well. 

Track Your Vehicles

Returnloads.net has taken live fleet tracking to the next level by combining GPS technology with our freight exchange platform.
Our members can now track their vehicles and see where they are in real time on our interactive load map. Not only will you be able to pin-point where your vehicles are at all times, you can also see what available loads are near them, helping you find the most suitable located haulage job for your vehicles.

Integrate Existing Transport Systems

Integrate your existing transport management systems and telematics systems seamlessly with our freight exchange. Saving you time and improving efficiency when looking for loads or subcontracting haulage contracts. 

After introducing Returnloads.net into one of our branches we found it so beneficial to the business we rolled it out to all of our offices

Woodland Group

Key Benefits
  • Our UK freight exchange will help you grow your business and maximize profits
  • Over 90,000 UK loads listed every month providing you with haulage work and transport contracts to help increase your profits
  • A huge network of road haulage professionals helping you build long term, profitable business relationships
  • Take on more haulage contracts by utilising our network of reliable haulage subcontractors
  • Find and subcontract haulage work on the UK’s busiest freight exchange
  • Track your vehicles in real-time for added visibility
  • Save time searching for transport contracts with freight alerts sent straight to your inbox
  • Use the Returnloads.net app to access loads on the go
  • Save money compared to other freight exchange with our low cost subscriptions
  • View member feedback & business documents before taking on a job
  • Integrate your existing TMS and telematics systems seamlessly with our exchange

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 5,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.