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Turn empty miles into cash

Empty miles cost money, eating away at your profit. Eliminate your empty miles by using the Returnloads.net platform by updating your future locations to receive notifications of available loads.

More loads, more jobs, increased profitability

Use the various load search functions to access over 150,000 loads. Filter your results to find the most suitable loads for your vehicles. With this many loads available you can reduce expensive empty journeys by locating return loads and backloads quick and easy.

It’s time to let the load come to you.

Real Time load notifications. All members of our haulage exchange can set up custom freight alerts so they are alerted to any suitable owner driver jobs that are posted onto Return Loads instantly via email. Members can also download the Return Loads app so you can access thousands of loads whilst on the go.

Grow your business & your profits

With access to a network of over 2000+ hauliers there is no need to turn away delivery work. You can take on more delivery work without increasing your fleet. Instead of having to say no to your customers, as you already have a delivery job, you can place any excess haulage work or courier loads onto our freight exchange to be sub-contracted out. We have helped thousands of haulage companies, couriers and self employed owner drivers successfully sub-contract out HGV work and van work.

Returnloads.net on the go

With the Returnloads.net app, you can quickly find available loads when you're on the road. Search for loads by postcode, town or by radius of your current location. The Returnloads.net app is simple to use and will save you time when looking for owner driver work. You can also use the app to report the status of the delivery and complete electronic PODs to help with the paperwork.

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Save money and reduce your carbon footprint with Returnloads.Net

With up to 3,000 new loads per day, saving over 250 million miles per year, the impact for the UK's Carbon footprint alone is huge.